Thursday, October 31, 2013

Oct 2013

School nearly takes up most of my life but there has been a couple times where I was able to go out and   play over the last 3 months.
Sept. 15th Dance Groove 2013
This years Dancegroove has a new spin on it. Circle politics-wise last year was supposed to be the last year since the founder has decided to let it go. However, Mikado Masa has decided to pick up the slack and revive it along with Mikado Shuuhei.

This year they collaborated with some Awa Party group. Ash and I got extremely lost getting there... so we only stayed for 1 hour. The awa party was interesting but not at all as fun as one would expect. Mostly because while I didn't mind getting soap on my clothes and hair (I wore a hat for a reason lol), I was not at all thrilled getting it shoved in my face which caused my eyelashes to fall off and ruin my makeup not to mention soap in ones eyes hurts! 

I believe it would have been much more fun drunk and if there were more sa-jin there. Though I think it was alot more fun for normal people this time. Alot of sa-jin were not thrilled with the soap in the face thing. haha 

But my highlight of the day was the purikura! I haven't taken purikura in 2 months! * SHOCK * 

Oct 14th Katie and Emi
  It was my first time meeting a couple british gals that just came out to Japan recently. Their names are Emi and Katie. The hot weather and the stress had made it kinda difficult for me to do my hair for awhile but I thought it's about time I start trying again. We went looking around Shibuya, Harajuku etc just window shopping, taking purikura and so on. It was really fun. It was really refreshing meeting up with some new gals in town. It reminded me of the fresh way I felt when I first landed here 3 years ago. I wish that we had a little more time so we could get in Katie's sushi and some Karaoke. Just a week or so later Katie also joined me at the Tokyo Decadance Halloween Special. 

Oct 15th Goth Gene
  It has been a long time since Goth gene has ran and I was really looking forward to it. But obstacle after obstacle made it kinda a drag to get to. Mainly, the typhoon. We managed to get our purikura in and take the train to goth gene safely. But when we got there there weren't many people there. The girl who calls her shiromanba Bazzooka?? some cyber goth chick was booming music so loud the floor shook. I think they were trying to make up for the lack of people? Either way it was making Ash feel sick so she had to go home early. Funny as it seemed, after she left the good parts started and it turned out to be a pretty good night. 

Oct. 19th Decadance Halloween
  Needless to say it was REALLLLY crowded. But Katie and I managed to find eachother. Also in the line, I randomly met Ash's friends Gab and Trev. I took turns hanging out with Katie, Gab and Trev and just some old friends over the times at Decadance. I had alot of fun. 

Oct 21st
  Tired as hell, I still miraculously managed to make it to help Dania and  Kate get their extensions in. We just chilled at Miami Garden and caught up. It was nice to have a breath of fresh air for once. Some time in the same week I met up with Dania again with Ryuuichi. It has been a long time since I've seen him. We went to Shisha (I dont smoke so I just chatted with them and had a drink) and then to Karaoke. We were messing around and Dania and Ryuichi sang Gasolina for me in Spanish. Again it was really nice to really play. Lately I couldn't seem to get drunk no matter how much I drank but it seems that that day I was able to finally get a bit buzzed. Must be stress? mood? probably what it was.

lol, looking at the wrong camera

Oct 31st Halloween
  I met up with Dania and company at Christon Cafe in my Toshiya costume. There I met her great friends from Cali. I was really happy that she was with such a nice bunch since last time was a disaster. They were nice and mature and even though it was halloween we had a nice relaxing night with good food. The only problem was that my feet were killing me and I could hardly walk. Serves me right for going straight for 6inch heels as soon as the weather got cold enough to look good? I really wish that Dania could stay. I need more sane friends like her. I feel like I can relax and talk about anything with her. She really understands me and is a true friend.  Come back soon ok?!

November... Really not much to say for November other than it was Hell. So There will be no Nov entry but instead a School work entry.

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