Monday, September 23, 2013

Summer is Finally Over! + School Work Showcase

Summer flew by really quickly. I didn't get to see hanabi nor did I get to show off my bikini at the beach this year but the upside of that is I got to stay inside with my lovely A/C and maintain my pale skin to live another year. Fall is upon us but I'm anxiously waiting for the winter clothes to come out because I hate autumn colors with a passion.

I think I would like to take the time to show my school work over the past half year.

The year started with a bang and my group won first place. 

The 2nd project was to make a introduction board about yourself 

Over the spring break we were to make a cd album cover based on a song of choice. The song I picked was Matenrou Opera: Eien no Blue. I picked this song because I wanted something that showed my taste in music as a whole. With its erie dark feel, emotional up and downs, amazing vocals and dramatic instrumentals, this song was prefect. In the past it would have been Rentrer en Soi: Stigmata or Protoplasm 

For Textiles class and Clothes making class we had to modify a t-shirt and bleach jeans and remake jeans into something 60s themed. I choose to remake it into a mini skirt but anyways this was not the coordinate for CM but for the Textiles class. The theme is Shibuya Rock n` Roll Cowgirl. I was aiming for a bit of a Hamasaki Ayumi feel 

This is the Photobook project for Idea Work Shop Class which is the same class as the one for the album cover was for. My Idea was to use my dolls recreate a scene for the manga I wrote about them. (sorry the 2nd photo is in reverse order haha) The photobook consists of a explanation of the story and scene, a character introduction, photostory, behind the scenes, concept work and about the author. It took forever to make this since I had to make the whole set from scratch. the studio room was not so easy to make. 
This is the object art project where we had to use objects and assemble them on a human body. My object of choice was garbage bags + air to create a dress. It was much puffier earlier.. but it turned out just fine I think. Most people chose to use other classmates as their model but I'm used to styling myself so decided to go solo on this one. 

This is the summer holiday homework for Idea Workshop. The theme was what you did over the summer holidays in the form of a photobook, colleague or object art. I kinda went with a 3D colleague. It was made from materials from my other projects over the summer, blood (yes real blood) and hair scissors. Its to show how miserable and frustrated I was during the break. So many a time I felt like throwing everything away. 

This is the bag I made from clothes making class. I slaved over this all break and it still didn't come out exactly how I wanted... but it came out ok I suppose. I like the concept I just wish a pro seamstress were to make my design for me. This photo was taken before I put in the straps I didn't get a chance to take a nice photo of the finished thing because I was so tired. The thing was the night before it was due,  I had no power so I had to stay at a love hotel near my house to finish my homework. Felt pretty awkward and lonely in a love hotel all by myself sewing away but it's kinda a funny story all together and the nice hot bath was awesome for my stiff shoulders. 

Next I am going to show my Fashion Marketing styling drawings. I rushed them all so its not really up to my standard of drawing but its good enough to convey my idea even though the body proportions are wonky. (especially the legs) I drew and color each of them within an hour. 

S/S 2013
A/W 2013-2014
S/S 2014
The first drawing I was trying to do things a little more fashion drawing style and kept things more objective but my teacher encouraged me to do things a bit more my way so that's why they suddenly look more like my normal drawing style from AW on. 

And..... For the main piece! This is the styling final project for Term 2! 

The 3 photos that were chosen for the presentation
I slaaaaaaaaaved over this too. I am such a detail maniac that I drove myself insane over things like the shade and cleanness of the gold on the t-shirt and the folds in the sash etc but it was all worth it. I didn't win first but I got alot of praise from my teachers. My Stylist Basic teacher was saying they were all talking about me in the back saying how unique my world was. 

Anyways here are the notes for the presentation in Japanese and English 

Model, Hair:CrazyTribe Orataku
Stylist, Make-up, Photo editing: Shiena
Photographer: ??
Shoulder armor, neckpiece, sash, T-shirt remake: Shiena
Shorts: Xfrm
Accessories: Coach, Baby Phat, H&M, no-brand

たくさんの間違いがあるかも、これは 使ったの プレゼンテーションのノートだ。


2013年s/s は色な面白いトレンドが出てきましたけど、一番かんどうされたのはNeo renaissance と metallic と clear そうざいでした。大学でにエロパ歴史を勉強して、ルナサンスが一番好きでしたから、今年のトレンドはネオルナサンスを選びました。最近プライベイトの時にsoul Japanのはいやりをきがつきました。そのきかけで、今回の第二タームのテーマオラサンスTybaltを生まれました。



TybaltはWilliam Shakespeare のRomeo and Juliet のえんげきのcharacterです。tybalt はJulietのいとこです。romeo and juliet はElizabeth 時代、エグリスのルナサンス代表された一番すばらしい時代にかかれました。


2013 s/sの metallic とclearそうざいトレンドのとり入れてかたアーマーとネックピースはゴルドきじの上にクリアそうざいを使って作りました。かたちは昔なふういんきで、そうざいは今です。そのかわりにティシャツとショーパンは今の形で、柄は昔のティストです。バランス的に似合うルナサンスティシャツをなかなかみつかいにくいでしたから、自分で、黒ティシャツにペイントをしました。最後にいっかついなアクセソリと赤サーシュでディテールとカラーをたすしました。赤シャーシュと赤バラ入っているワイングラスはcharacterのかのうてき の
モテルのposingはTybaltのようにしました。Tybalt はJulietのいとこです。えんげきの中で、Tybaltは良くけんかをおこしたります。ロメオの一番なかいい友だちをころしてから、ロメオはTybalt にころされます。 有名のラインはpeace, I hate the word, as I hate all Montiques and thee. 意味は平和?平和という言葉を嫌い、同じようにMontique ぜいいんとあなたが嫌いです。Tybaltはプライド高い、いっこくしゃ、narcissist,とちょっとエロさも入っているのcharacterです。いわゆるbadboyで、オラオラ系のイメージにピタリです。それで、


There has been many interesting Trends in 2013 s/s collection. The trends that caught my attention the most were Neo Renaissance and clear and metallic fabrics. While in college I studied European History, particularly the Renaissance period. That is why I chose this years trend Neo Renaissance. In my private time, I had noticed a steady rise of Soul Japan styles' popularity and thought I might like to experiment with that. From that birth Term Two's theme Oransance: Tybalt.

Theme Explanation:

Orasance is the combining of Ora Ora kei and Renaissance. From a new idea comes a new word and thus the concept Orasance was created.

Tybalt is a character from William Shakespeare' Romeo and Juliet. Tybalt is Juliet's cousin. Romeo and Juliet was written during the Elizabethan Era which is the golden years of the English Renaissance. 

Styling Breakdown:

From head to toe, I aimed to make everything a mix of renaissance and ora ora. 

2013 s/s's metalic and clear trends are incorporated in the shoulder armour and neckpiece by having a clear plastic layer sewn on top of gold fabric. The form is that of the past and the materials are that of the now. Oppositely, the shorts and t-shirt is that of the now but the pattern/motif is that of the past. Lastly, a red sash and bulky gold accessories were added to add detail. The addition of red is to bring out the subtle erotic quality to Tybalt's character. 

The posing is done accordingly to Tybalt's personality. In the play he is known to often cause fights. He killed Romeo's best friend and in turn was killed by Romeo. A famous quote of his is "Peace? I hate the word as I hate all Montiques and thee". Tybalt is prideful, hot-headed, narcissistic, wild and sexy. He is your stereotypical Bad-boy and thus a perfect fit to the Ora Ora image. Therefore through-out the photoshoot you will see a sense of self adoration, confidence, egotism with hit of melancholiness.