Sunday, November 25, 2012

Romeo Ra-Ra-Paradaise at Camelot

Romeo group collaborating with Sing-o came out with a new fun drinking song called Ra-Ra-Paradaise . Since I'm pretty good friends with Hakushaku I wanted to support him by going to his little performance at Camelot.

I had finally got my extensions so I feel so much better about myself. This is likely the most bold color I ever chosen. I have vivid red and blue two tone on each side. I didn't like the fact that Hakushaku really hated that I had short hair. It was written all over his face that he hated the short hair. Not that I really do my style for guys but I personally didn't like it either so it was a nice way to show that like I said, I'm not going to have short hair for long.

I went to the event by myself. My friends were all busy with work and so on and it felt so awkward. It seems that camelot has this one event that you get a different color wrist band according what you were there for. For example, I have a lover so please don't talk to me, Im here with friends, Im here to dance, Im here for meeting people so please talk to me (flirt) then you get a trump card. What you are supposed to do with the trump card is to to find someone with the same card and they were your destined match of the night. Sometime during the night the staff with pick a number and those people holding the cards get tickets to disneyland to go together. It's an interesting concept but I was in no mood for such things lately.

I managed to arrive a little before the performance. It was very entertaining. Afterwards I met with Hakushaku and he said that if I am still there he will drink with me after he finishes drinking with his team. However I went home at 3 since I couldn't find him. Later on I found out he lost his phone and was looking for me.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Tokyo Decadance Special Drag

Today is the day I have been anticipating for a whole month. This is teenage fantasy of mine. To see how I would look like as a guy. XD

Ash and I got ready starting from the afternoon and decided to get our hair done by professionals just to make sure it came out just right. Alot of people in the hairmake place were confused as to what was going on.

Walking around Kabukicho, we came across some very interesting reactions. Like YOU ARE SOOOO MY TYPE!!! All I could think of is wow thats kinda gay. ( I don't mean this in a bad way but because even though I'm normally dressed as a girl, a guy hits on me like this when I'm dressed as a boy with my chest bounded down) It freaked me out that I was getting hit on just as much as i did as a girl. Of course a entirely different bunch of people than I am used to. Then there was also the narcissistic hosts that if they were vhost would hit on me and if they were more gyaruo would hit on ash. It was hilarious.

We met up with Andre after he finally arrived in shinjuku after some train delays. We ate dinner at miami garden and got Andre to drink half a bottle of tobasco sauce for no apparent reason. Then we went to a karaoke booth where we did him up as a girl. After we left the karaoke box, everyone stopped paying attnetion to us and were looking at him. For a change, we got to see someone else get stared at and it was fun watching everyone react to him.

When Kunio and Pecorin finally arrived we all took purikura together and headed towards decadance.

When we arrived Mimi particularly liked ash's look because it was gyaruo and Adrien particularly liked my look because I was host. Alot of people thought were a lesbian couple hahaha.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Goth Gene November

Ahhh my hair is soo short! I cut off alot of my hair because half of it chopped off from being white for 6months. So instead of having random long ass pieces here and there and then some short pieces I made the whole top short. I also had to put off getting extensions due to the up coming Special Drag Event for Decadance. 

I'm getting closer and closer to meilyne and we get along so well so I invited her to come along with us to Goth Gene. Things were pretty much as usual only that Hakushaku was being dumb about what is foreign and whats japanese and whats half. He even thought Rola was foreign. And yet because Meilyne looks Japanese she can't be foreign and neither can I. But Ash looks half but he says she looks foreign or something messed up like that. 

But really.. as much fun as it is to be able to do male sets, this kind of hair looks terrible with someone with a womanly shape. It really emphasises your bust.... which is something I really don't like. 

Friday, November 16, 2012

Gotcharoka Awesome Prison

My favorite vocalist Jui who used to be the vocalist of Vidoll has formed a new band Gotcharoka. I was really sad when Vidoll disbanded before I got to see them. Vidoll became to added to a list of bands I will never get to see like Kagrra, Kagerou, Rentrer en Soi and Phantasmagoria. For Kagrra and Kagerou, it's a shame because both vocalists have passed away. But to my luck as of last year or so, most of my favorite artists or for Phantasmagoria's case a new band with key members (therefore almost the same sound) all formed new bands or became solo. Since its kind of like a start over, I get a chance to see my favorite vkei artists up close whereas if their old bands were still around, it'd be very hard. The problem is that even though I followed and kept up with my favorite bands since near the begining, I was in Canada so I couldn't see any of them live and by the time I arrived in Japan most of them either disbanded or got so big I couldn't see them more than from the back. (not saying I'm happy they broke because even from the back I would like to have bands like Rentrer en Soi back but I'm just glad they didn't stop music)

Lately I have been hanging out with a Swedish girl named Paulina. I met her at the Noden's Anniversary and she was talking about how she accidentally bought tickets for gotcharoka twice and offered to give me a ticket. I was over-thrilled to finally see Jui live. Not only that, but when I looked at the ticket more closely Daizystripper is also written on the set list which is one of my favorite bands as of late. (right after Matenrou Opera) 

We got there a little late but it seems none of the bands we came here to see have played yet. The venue was packed so we had to work our way from the very back. Like most vkei lives never knowing who is next we kept creeping up further and further up front. As to pay respect to the fans (or well in order not to be murdered) we had to give it our all in participating in the dance moves and cheering each band on til ours came. By the end I was in the 3rd row in time for Daizystripper and Gotchrocka. When Jui came out I thought I was dreaming. I have been watching over his music since I was 16. I listened to everything he has made since luinspear to kisaki project to vidoll to his solo project to now gotcharoka. When Jui became solo I noticed like any good fan that he looked quite lonely. And as I thought, during the talk time, he said that at that time he really thought his career was over but after finding and becoming good friends with Jun (ex. phantasmagoria) he finally found his place again. Of course its hard to be starting all over again at his age but he says because he is with such wonderful bandmates he's sure it will be ok. He was so happy that even after the curtain closed he kept talking. (as a side note it was Jun's birthday so thats what the top image of this post is about) 

I really had Paulina to thank for this wonderful experience. I felt so lucky that the first time I saw Jui live, I got to see him up so close. I was so nervous. It's so surreal to finally see someone that you have been listening and watching from afar all this time live. 

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Vantan Interview

I was really nervous about this day. It's all or nothing for me. My language school warned me that it was risky to only have one choice for school. They said its best to try a bunch of schools. But I felt that Vantan suits my image the best and when I am set on something, I'm determined and confident that I WILL get it.

I dressed in a suit and neatly curled my hair but left it flat. I actually accidently mistook the time as 330pm when it was actually 320pm. Luckily I still purposely came 10mins early which made me just on time.

I was really nervous in the interview room but I started to relax a little as things went along. I really have a problem speaking in polite speech but somehow I was able to answer all the questions perfectly. The interviewer's gradually increasing smile gave me more and more confidence a long the way.

The next section was the essay. The theme was your dreams. I wasn't really sure what to write and I'm sure I made many mistakes. At the end of the interview they told me that it will take a week or 2 to tell me the results.

However, the very next day I got contact from my language school that I passed the interview with flying colors. I was so happy.