Saturday, October 20, 2012

Tokyo Decadance SP Halloween

Ash and I have been preparing for this for a month now. But being so busy I never had time to test run my makeup... I thought I`d just wing it but that turned out to be a disaster....

Originally I was going to sculpt my joints and make my nose taller and more doll-like. Also try the makeup tutorial one of those famous russian living dolls made recently. But when I making the nose i almost got it right each time but it would never go smooth enough. When i get it almost smooth enough the shape is messed up and I had to start all over again. I tried for almost an hour and then eventually gave up. I ran out of time so I just ended up doing a more exaggerated version of my normal makeup instead... *sigh* I also ran out of time to eat or make the joints... But at least my hair was perfect. Though this will pose as a problem later on.. when my head started to hurt because of the weight.

It was really hard to breathe during this decadance because there were too many people. Nevertheless there were many cool costumes.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Goth Gene October

Since my plans ended early I decided randomly to drop by Goth Gene. There weren't many people this time but I still managed to have alot of fun with the staff.

To my surprise after, there was an after party after this goth gene. Hakushaku was really drunk this time and very affectionate. It was reilas birthday so we made her drink a small champagne tower. Hakushaku was so drunk he bit me very hard on the arm. Later there was a big bruise. I can't believe he bit me. 

Sometime while I was talking to Ryo and other goth gene members Hakushaku disappeared. I found him later almost passed out on the stairs. I helped him up and then took him home. Since he lives in Shinjuku it wasn't so far. I was really tierd so I slept over at his place and planned to go to school but I was wayy to tired. We woke up sometime in the afternoon and I decided to go home shortly after. I noticed a cute beanie by the door. I said this is cute and tried it on and Hakushaku just gave it to me. On my way to the station, while wearing Hakushaku's beanie, I ran into Ai. Ai gave me a bit of a weird look but properly confirmed our next meeting. 

different day but this is the beanie

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Men's Spider Shoot

Ash and I were racing to make it on time to the Men's spider shoot. Somehow Ash's hair wasn't turning out so I had to leave without her. I made it just on time but it was really close.

She later met me in Harajuku and we took purikura. We just had a fun day walking around harajuku looking at random shops including closet child. Afterward we headed back to Shibuya to just chill then went home. It's really too bad she couldn't make it.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Noden's One Year Anniversary

So the last time I talked to Ai, he told me to trust him on contacting me to set up the next time we see eachother. Yup, never again. He didn't message me til 3 weeks later and that was only because I dropped by his bar after decadance and he wasn't there only to tell me sorry and he will tell me when he knows. So I really got really frustrated.

During this time I met someone who seemed promising. We went on one date and it went very well. But the odd thing was that every time I ever get close to dating someone new, Ai would, out of the blue, mail me. But this time he was silent. I felt really confused and was wondering has he gotten so far into his work that he has finally fell out of touch with me? Was this it? not even a fight? It being this smooth and this easy made me feel skeptical. Though by our 2nd date I figured out why. In short it was a disaster and he pissed me off so badly I didn't want to speak to him again. I cried because I thought I finally found was able to find someone better than Ai but it didn't work out.

Not long after I had that fight Ai messaged me. What timing....

I arrived that the bar at around 5 in the morning. I haven't seen these people since the BBQ. There were also new people as well. Everyone was waiting for Ai to return but he was taking his time as usual. I was sitting next to a sweet Swedish girl whom I got along with instantly. Apparently the host that she was entangled with and the one that she still loves to this day worked for the same club as someone very dear to me from france. She told me how nice he was and that he was really good friends with the guy that she likes. It put a little bit of a air of nostalgia in the room.

When Ai finally came back we started pouring the champagne tower. For some reason Ai was extra nice and affectionate with his words to me. He told everyone that there is no woman he knows that works harder than me and that he would like to continue our little wager. He reached his hand out to me and said If you are with me, you will surely be happy so lets continue this competition. The look in his eye made it seem like he knew something happened but failed. His smirk was both comforting and frustrating at the same time. The frustrating part was that it was as if he knew or could sense that I tried to replace him and it didn't work so it had a confident Of course it didn't work, because I'm the best for you feel but it was comforting to return to a familiar face.

Ai and cleared the 2nd bottom tier of the tower together. I was fine for awhile but I died for a bit after that.