Sunday, September 30, 2012

Paradise One #0 :First Hair-make Job

Sooo tired but soo excited. A friend of Rin's that I met at Goth Gene last month? Invited me to work on a new event of his. This time its a test run to see how to work thing out. I got to Akihabara extra early because this is only my 4th time in Akiba and I have no clue where anything is. I managed to find the place but I was confused because no one was there. I waited for about an hour before everyone showed up and work began. Rin-chan was also part of this project too!

How everything was set up is that the main event in one building and the preparation is in another. In the studio, guests can get their hair and makeup done and then take a small photoshoot. I was in charge of real hair, another guy was in charge of wig hair, this other girl was in charge of makeup and Rin-chan was in charge of photos.

I think I did about 3 sets in total. One was a traditional Ginza mama san set, another was a set that was inspired from a picture in a manga, and the last was a hime set. Surprisingly the hardest one was the hime-set. It's the easiest one on myself but getting balance right and working with soo much hair that wouldn't curl really frustrated me. It left my arm really tired at the end. Doing Deidrich's hair was the most fun but it was difficult until I was able to figure out how I would do it. From today I really learned that doing other people's hair is so much harder than doing my own. One would think it would be easier because you can see everything but, I guess one would also underestimate how used to your own hair you can get. Deidrich's hair is of a similar texture to mine so other than figuring out the method to a hair-set I've never done before it was pretty easy. The Ginza set was not so hard because I've done something similar before and its not sujimoried. However, doing a hime set when I cant see the front and having the hair so heavy and thick, turned out to be a nightmare. I had to fight for the hair to stand up and spray almost instantly before the curls unraveled themselves. The balance in the front was difficult to do from the back even though I could get so much more volume than I could ever dream to have on my own hair. Now I kinda feel how some of the hair-make-sans felt when I wasn't satisfied with the shape of the bouffant in the front. It's just alot harder than one would expect when you are doing it on someone else.

Between hair-sets there was a lot of time of doing.. not much. So Rin-chan and I just chilled talking about random things. I talked to her about my concern about that one girl from the goth gene even giving me the cold shoulder. Rin-chan thinks it was because of that time where she mistaken me for hitting on her boyfriend. Even though I thought it was sorted out I guess that would be the only reason. Rin-chan told me not to mind it because she tends to be like that.

When the event started we all went down to the main place and enjoyed the show. Deidrich introduced us all and talked about how he met us and random silly things. The ginza mama was soo elegant. She kind of reminded me of my mom. There weren't many people but the whole experience was very fun.

The typhoon was coming so Rin-chan and I went back to the studio after the main event. She was really worried about her camera because if it got wet it would get ruined. She lied on the floor pouting. She didn't know what to do. I suggested that if she wrapped alot of plastic bags around it, it would keep it dry. I can also walk her to a konbini where she can buy a umbrella. She cheered up and we started the cleaning process. I wanted to go to the after party but Rin-chan and I had to leave together. I was also very tired so it was a good time to go I think. After buying the umbrella at the konbini, Rin-chan and I ate dinner together and talked about a few things. She asked me something along the lines of how is it like dating someone who can't speak your language and things like that. I felt we kinda bonded a little. When we got to the station we took some pictures making hamster faces. We would have taken purikura but Rin-chan felt like her face came off during the day so she said next time ^^

It was a really long day but It was very fun and definitely an experience to remember.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Goth Gene September

I wanted to bring a few more people but I couldn't really find the time to call out everyone before going so Ash went with me. I think there was supposedly a fashion snap this time at goth gene. Though I wasn't sure.

Everything was pretty usual as always and its always nice to see my old friends every month. However a particular person who accidentally mistaken a friendly greeting as being flirty with her boyfriend  (a few months ago) was giving me the cold shoulder this time and was extra nice to Ash to contrast it. Ash noticed this too and was feeling a bit uneasy. But as always Rin-chan was so nice and warm and things felt fine.

Not much happened at this goth gene event. I think there were a couple bandmen there too because when we asked if we could take a picture with them casually after being introduced by a mutual friend, they said no because they can't have photos taken with them apparently.  Oh well. I wonder who they were. I didn't recognise them. I guess I fail as a vkei fan-girl LOL.

Oh and DJ Juno's new band will be have a bunch of lives from now til dec. It's really too bad I can't make it to any of them though......

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Tokyo Decadance OEDO

Uwaah~~~ Ash has been raving about this event everyday since it was announced.  The tension has been building for awhile. This time Ash and I switch roles as she takes the more kirei-kei approach to the theme and I take a more creepy approach.

My costume is something I made a long time ago in sewing class. It's a little plainer than I'm used to so I decided to go all out with my makeup. It took me over an hour to put on my makeup because I did not know wtf I was doing. I wish I had a more vivid red as well....

Ash had already gone to Shinjuku ahead of me to get her hair done. When I was finished doing my hair, I headed towards shinjuku. To my surprise, I was still bothered by scouts. WHY? why would anyone want to scout THIS for a kyabakura.
When I arrived in front of Donki I had to wait a little bit because Ash's hair was taking longer than normal this time. I still got nampa-ed some annoying guys. At least the Hosts were smart enough to not approach. I looked at them as I started to put blood on my face like are you serious?!

We went to the game center inside kabukicho and took some purikura then headed to Christon Cafe. I haven't been to Decadance last time and there wasn't one for Aug so I really missed the Decadance Crowd.

The main attraction was Yusura The Bush Watcher. A circus talent dressed in an amazing Oiran outfit. She and her assistants put on an amazing fire show.

Sometime during the night I ran into Kazu and Toshiki. I talked them for awhile and then moved around to talk to other friends. I also ran into an old friend from Vancouver. I think she was vacationing in Japan.

I couldn't find Rin this time. I guess she was too busy to come. Adrian found me and liked the blood on my mouth so he took me to the photobooth to take some photos. I had alot of fun dancing the night away but at some point I got tired and rested by the girls washroom with Toshiki while I watched Kunio try to talk to some european guys. Ash had to play translator and it was pretty funny. She looked like she wanted to kill herself. One of the scottish guys tried to hit on me but Toshiki kinda blocked it for my convenience. With only one more hour to go, we decided to dance til the end.

After decadance finished I waited FOREVER for kunio to get changed. I swear how long does it take? I can get changed in like 5mins or 10 if its more complex. It took him well over 30-40mins. Adrian was trying to introduce me to guys that weren't my type making it both awkward for the guy and myself. After they finally finished I had wanted to drop by Ai's bar because I wanted to ask about this coming month. He hadn't mailed me like he promised for 3 weeks now. I thought he was getting better.

When I got to the bar, only Miho was there. Ai wasn't... She told me she would pass on the message that I was there. I went back outside and Ash's feet were hurting so bad so we opted for a taxi. Kunio was being a bit annoying and Ash was getting annoyed. I just calmly explained to Kunio as to why. I don't think it got through though LOLLLLLLLLLLL

Ai mailed me soon after saying sorry that he wasn't there. He had a softer tone in his message than normal and said when he figures out whats a good time he will mail me again...