Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Mayumi Farewell Party.

Most farewell parties, and how I have gone to alot of them back in Vancouver were at night. Thus I was under the impression this one would be no different....But I was wrong. The party started at 12pm in Odaiba. Because of the last all night out I accidently skipped 2-3 days of school from exhaustion thus I could not afford to miss another day. I went to school then came home. Ash just got out of the hospital that day so she was very tierd and was in quite a bit of pain. So I rested with her. Kunio offered to drive us there so there was also no point in me going out of my way to go earlier. (I was also tierd too)

We got to Odaiba just in time for the dinner segment of the plan. It was that famous all-you-can-eat place in Odaiba that we went to for Linda and Yumi-nyans birthday party last year. The food has improved even more and I was soo happy. Our table was mostly talking in English because we had alot of things to talk about before Mayumin goes. I really don`t want her to leave but like monika, she has to finish university. We all had a really good dinner and then went to take purikura. It was good timing because Ashley was getting in worse pain. We took purikura with everyone at first and since the last time where masumi and yumi took it without us, we decided to have our revenge purikura without them HAHA. We knew they`d do the same anyway.

When we exited the purikura place we decided that we would all go home. We were all saying we would see mayumi off at the airport like those dramas. Unfortunately I couldn`t go because of school but.. ahhhhgghhhh I really want her to come back soon. Ashley was in a lot of pain so it was time for us to go too. Though she was really glad she managed to make the effort to see Mayumi off. On our way to the car we got kinda lost and Kunio was acting really annoying so Ash was getting really annoyed. To be fair, he can get SUPER annoying sometimes. We finally found the car and he drove us home. Around the time we arrived in Shibuya I got a call from Jun so I told Kunio to drop me off at donki to meet up with him. Jun bought me a drink and we sat outside of 109 and talked for awhile. He is doing well at working for Cecile Mcbee designing clothing. Maybe since he`s there CM will get cuter again like it used to be. We talked about various things and he told me about the time he was drinking with Big Bang. He said the GDragon is adorable because when he said `hey younger bro, you have to go to military eh?` Gdragon nods ` you don`t wnat to go don`t you` he nods in the same cute way. (like a shy sad un..)  Of course Jun being Jun, he broke into song and dance and said Fatastic Baby. (reminds me of I like to moveit moveit days) I always enjoy my chats with Jun drinking sake outside in Shibuya. Lately he has been living within walking distance to Shibuya so he said next time lets have a house party at his place. Sounds like fun!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Goth Gene with Rox, Charlie, and Monika

Ashley was supposed to come with me and she really wanted to because she had always wanted to meet Rox and Charlie since the last time there was a M2 meet she was in America. I was running about 5mins late which was not good because if my friends don`t have a phone I don`t want to leave them stranded waiting not knowing whats going on. But alas. they arrived are the same time as I did. We went to the game centre and took some purikura then we went to the konbini and bought some drinks to pre-game. I bought ume-shu thinking it would be ok but it was sparkling and later it made me feel a bit sick. I`m really bad at alcohol lower than 7-8%. I get drunk off of 2 cans or glasses and my head starts to spin and I throw up and then pass out. Thus I had made it a rule that I avoid things like coolers and beer like the plague

When we got inside I introduced them to rin-chan instantly. There were many people this time for some reason. Rin-chan introduced me to an interesting person named Deidirich who is a okama. He was very charismatic so we exchanged contact. We talked for awhile then Rin-chan introduced to me various other people throughout the night. Monika arrived sometime later and we talked some more about the topic we were on before. She was telling me about a host from the famous club Ai and how meeting such a high quality person like that was quite inspirational. This world she is talking about makes me wanna try it out one day if my world fails to keep afloat.

Monika had to leave sometime in between while Rox and Charlie stayed with me til the end. Hakushaku was last to DJ and everyone was feeding him shots of tequila. I can tell he was getting pretty drunk. By the end of the night he was plastered. He looked at me and said ARE YOU NOT WEARING A BRA?! I said yes I am. He said oh... he pointed at his crotch and said this is a monster you know. I said oh really? You have yet to show it to me. We paused for a bit and then laughed.I then I introduced my friends to him he was I love you (to one ) and baby (to the other) I scolded him and said  CHARAI! and he then went up to me and said But, I need you and huged me. I was like uh..................... ok. haha Though I secretly kinda liked it.

It was morning and I have school at 9am. I also had a test so I cannot be late and have to study so I was planning to study in a manga cafe but an important friend suddenly contacted me saying he wanted to see me. This is the same friend I met up with in April. Again his schedule when he`s here is very busy with back to back work and so it`s hard for him to make time for me thus I said fuck studying, I have to go. I went to his favorite bar where he introduced me to some interesting people. The bar owner is close friends with alot of band people including famous ones. He was going to call 2 of them over but they were busy. I had mentioned my favorite singer is Jui and  he said ahh yes, his voice is beautiful, but it`s a shame his personality is rotten. I was sadden by this but then again a good vocalist is a good vocalist.

I got out of the bar at around 7 something and walked my friend to a taxi. He leaves for his home country early in the morning. So off he goes and I headed to school tired as hell. I got there an hour early and tried to study but couldn`t so i slept for 30mins. When I did my test I blanked out and scribbled answers til the time was up. Surprisingly I did not bad on it. Heh--

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Crazy Proposal

As usual, I had no confidence in Ai seeing me but at around 2pm he told me that he is able to meet a little after 6pm. I tried to contact again at 6 but there was no answer. I figured if I got myself to Shinjuku at sometime after six I'll be ready for him so not to waste more time as he often is very spontaneous with timing and if I told him it would take x amount of time to meet, he will just add on more time.

I got to shinjuku at around 7:30pm and got a few errands done. I finally made it to Odakyu Department store to get my bracelet fixed. After that I made my way to Closet Child to see what I can find. I lost my umbrella again so I'm looking for a new one. I checked Marui one and all the nice designs were sold out so I have to check in Closet child to see if I can find anything I liked. I wandered around til almost 9. I called again but his battery was dead and this made me worried. I called Ash and she assured me he will see me because he never goes back on a promise. She's right so I wandered around shinjuku for a little bit but ended up heading towards the waiting area outside the east gate of shinjuku station. I didn't want to deal with the annoying scouts and nampa so I sat on the chains by the road with my innocent world jsk flared out. I rocked back and forth thinking about what to do next. Should I go and eat? Should I go to a manga cafe and rest? I talked to Minoru the day before and he said he was going to be in Shinjuku scouted but right before I was about to call him. Ai finally messaged me and told me that the consulting at the hospital took a lot longer than he expected and that he will be coming for me from shinagawa so I continued to swing back and forth waiting. 

Not long after a familier profile walked past. I didn't need to see his face to know that it was Minoru. I called out to him and he greeted me. He said that he thought it was me but wasn't sure but after I had called out he felt stupid for not believe it was me. He said you really are easy to recognize. I spotted you nearly a block away. Ai is the same too I can recognize him from across the street. I said to Minoru that he is no different because I didn't even see his face when I called out to him. He asked me what I was doing and I told him I am waiting for Ai but I think it will take awhile. Minoru sat next to me as I showed him the mail I got from Ai. I wanted to know exactly what he meant. Minoru agreed with me that if its Ai, it will take while so he volunteered to wait with me. My butt started to hurt from sitting on the chain. Minoru told me that if I sat over nearer to the station it wouldn't but of course there are many scouts there so I can see why you chose this spot. However they shouldn't bother you if you are with me so if you want I'll sit with you.

Minoru and I talked about various things as we waited. About his love life and about how sora is doing etc. Appearently Sora is just like Ai when it comes to timing. Haha I didn't think that another like him existed. I messaged Ai again after an hour passed by and he told me that he was already in Shinjuku but he needs to charge his phone at Nodens. I was like WTF ==;; He told me to wait there for him. Minoru and I exchanged glances and said wtf wouldn't it just be easier if I met him there? haha

Minoru came with me to Nodens. When we got there Ai wasn't there. I tilted my head up and put my hand on my face with a big smile half laughing at the whole situation. OMFG is prob the most appropriate expression here. Minoru went to the back to make me a glass of ice tea. While he was fidling around in the back Ai came through the door. He apologized to me. I just smiled tierd from waiting and said I have a surprise for you. Minoru almost like on queue poped out from the back. Ai was happy to see him and they talked briefly before Minoru left back to work.

Ai explained the whole situation to me. I was just too tierd from waiting so I didn't really care. He told me that he's sorry but he doesn't have much time. He knows that even with a busy schedule you can make time but with his kind of work, everyone is noisy and spontaneous and even as we spoke the phone was ringing and interupting our coversation every 10mins. Ai made me a drink as we talked a briefly about a few things. There was a question on the back of my mind since the last time and that was what was he talk with Miho about in the car. He wasn't fazed at all when I asked and he said oh that, she is looking to be a sponsor for his bussiness and that was what he was talking with her about. Shes appearently a daughter of some sacchou as well as being a number 1 or 2 at a kyabakura at one point. There was a bit of a problem as he expressed earlier with our pda and Ma-san was not happy with it. He got scolded for mixing private and bussiness. I said that was strange since he has a girlfriend. Ai told me that shes trying but shes actually not his girlfriend. She too is an investor. Humm.. but he told me himself she was but w/e I'm sure it's probaly both and since Ai's investor is not one and the same as his lover that he has to be more careful I suppose.

We talked lightly about other things and I talked about the Kawaii. i. shooting and everything and how I was nervous about meeting everyone but was pleasently surprised on how welcoming everyone was. He asked me why that was. I told him about all the rumors that were going on and that it involved him too. He said haha but you know thats impossible. I can't have children. I was told in highschool by a doctor that I have to take horomone injections to make it possible.

Our time was over quicker than he anticipated as he despretately tried to delay time to make up as much as he could for the time stolen from the consultation. But alas, it didn't work and a old cooworker of his came in the bar with a cute girl. Ai was about to let me go home at this point because it will be 2am before he can come back and my train will be gone. I said its ok, I'll walk home if I have to. Ai lleft the bar after making me a new drink to see a sempai of his.

His old cooworker Kouichi and the girl with him Ayu and I talked for awhile. We talked about Ichijyou Makoto and club Eden and how things are not going so well for that club since top players like Masaya ( remember the orangey blonde in the 2nd episode of Trouble in Tokyo? singing karaoke with the tall brunette with the tongue clicking snap?) have already quit. We somehow also got on the topic of Hakushaku. (Katsuya the guy who took me on a date from the first goth gene) I gave him my view on of him and he gave me his. It seemed to match up. We both agree that he is narcissistic but surprisingly a pure boy. He told me that his personality isn't like a host at all. He gets by on just good looks and charisma. But lately he is not doing well at work either. He only has 4 customers lately. Ai was taking a long time so Kouichi called him and scolded him to come back.

Ai finally came back after awhile and took us to all to Aria because he had to meet with an admirable person. Ai started to run to the Lee building and I followed him running beside him in heels. He was surprised I could keep up with him. He rushed and got the bar ready as I waited for the others to arrive.

When everyone got to the bar the special guest arrived shortly after. Apparently he is one the top hosts of kabukicho. While I`ve met many charisma hosts along the way, he was definitely on another level. His charming face is almost scary, it was less of a charisma host but more like that of a famous actor. Everything was so clean cut.

He charmed the crowd while I mostly just sat and listened on the other side of the table.Eventually he had to go and Ai was on the otherside of the bar talking to... I think a sponsor. While I sat with Koichi and Ayu. A Lady Gaga dvd was on and the song Speechless came on. Koichi was surprised that there`s such a song by Lady Gaga. He told me he really liked it and wanted to know the name. It`s actually one of my favorites from Lady Gaga too and we put it on karaoke.

A few more hours passed and I can tell on the otherside of the room things were not going so well. The sponsor was starting to scold Ai pretty badly about something. Ai had his head down a bit low and was listening. I can tell he was very upset. He kept taking the scolding til the sponsor touched on a sensitive spot about the staff. Ai kinda blew up and slammed his fist on the table saying that everyone is working hard and trying their best. It looked like he was going to cry.

Koichi tells me that maybe we should brighten the lights. He told me its funny but when its dark and Ai is drunk, as soon as the lights are brighter he calms down.

The sponsor eventually left and Ai along with him while Koichi, Ayu and I waited for his return. Quite some time has passed and everyone was getting really tired. Koichi asked us. Hey do you think we should punish him? Being late is no good so he deserves a penalty. Hows about 100000yen? When Ai finally came back after Koichi kept bugging him, Ai sat down and Koichi popped a champagne bottle to his chest and said this is your punishment now drink this with me.

Ai said omg no way... He made me drink also. Afterward, we all helped with the clean up. Ai was soo happy that Koichi was there because even though Koichi sometimes scolds him and tells him that he has to be punished for being late, Koichi has always been so nice to him.

Koichi and Ayu eventually left and Ai told me to stay behind. When he came back he took off  his hat and sprawled out. We cuddled for a little while...And then he got up with almost tears in his eyes and said Ok, if you are to go this far to try this hard, let`s make it a challenge. The time frame is within 3 years. I want you to surprise me with something great. Of course I'll try my best too and if you don't give up or find another man by then we will get married. I accepted this but I almost wanted to cry because....I'm already trying my hardest but as far as I can see right now, if things don't change I don't think I can last another 3years out here on my own... 

He walked me out and when I asked about next month, he said that he will mail me. I didn't trust it but he told me I should at least trust him on that.I walked home and cried over the stress. Both of us aren't doing so well at the moment....

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Summer! My friends come to visit + Kawaii TV

Wow was it ever an eventful summer. I must say this summer is much more fun than the last but I do think the the brand-new aircon that my shit-tard landlord didn't give us til FALL even though it broke early summer (that guy seriously deserves to die but I won't get into that because it would take pages of ranting before I'm done fuming about him) really helped. This summer, alot of my friends from all over the world came to visit.

June 29th Leijo from Finland

Leijo and I met online many years ago around the same time I met Dyu. I believe it was through Dyu's old business partner Yanki adding  me into a skype webcam call and leaving me there with Leijo. Leijo and I talked alot over the years and even had a couple phone calls here and there. So finally he comes to Tokyo.

I have been trying to meet him but my schedule just wasn't allowing me. The summer heat was killing me as I tried to get to his station. His guest house was pretty far from the station. We chatted about a few things and he told me some of the wild nights he's had so far out here and how his friends and him just seem to be bleeding money here fast because of all the fun things to do and nice things to buy. We got to his guest house after being drenched in sweat. His place didnt have AC which really sucked. I said I would do his hair for him but his iron was in the next room. I had to help him talk to the guest house people to get the next door open. He got his laptop and iron out finally and I tried to style his hair. His hair is pretty short so I wasn't sure what to do with it. haha. We ended up getting on the topic of Ai and he pretty much told me right away that I should just give up on him and move on. But it's kinda a touchy subject and for some odd reason Ai decided to mail alot that day out of the blue.

Time was running out and we headed to shibuya together. When we got there we met with his other friend and we ate dinner at miami garden in sentagai and then took purikura. I was supposed to met him one more time before he left but time just wasn't on my side.
July 4th. Stephanie from L.A.

I first met Steph online then in person on my trip to L.A. right before moving to Japan. She has really matured over the years. I can't believe that its already been 2years since we last saw eachother. We first started the day by walking about shibuya for a little while til ash came to join us. Then we headed into the saga center to take LOTS of purikura. Ash wasn't feeling well so she went home and Step and I went to Cafe Gusto to eat a little something over chatting about a bunch of things. She told me that she is trying to get into modeling out here. I really believe she can do it. She has the prefect look for the kind of models they are looking for here. We talked for hours and hours til Ash was ready to come out. I didn't have much time left so I walked to to the station and headed home to prepare for my later plans.

July 16th Goth Gene with Yanise (wrote abut this early in my blog)

Aug 2nd. My Demon Baby Dania from L.A.

Dania... oh how I love my Dania. The poor girl got sick and had her wallet stolen from her early on in her trip. The girls she came with have been little brats and I just wanted to cuddle her. She was still not feeling very well when she came out to meet with us but she just had to because we had tried to meet 3x earlier but never was abole to meet because I couldn't go to decadance because of Ai's BBQ trip and she was too sick and broke for me to be her translator at a host club. We ate dessert at Cafe gusto as we caught up and talked about her various adventures here. I really wish I had more time to hang out with her and make up for the shitty treatment her friends were giving her. I also wanted to see her much more than I could but alas I could only meet here 2x. This time and the a little bit before the BBQ. She had wanted to go to the BBQ too but she was too sick to and only met up with me so she can give me my sunscreen and for me to pay her 4000yen for the cigarettes Ryuuichi without asking me is making me pay for him for now so he can pay me later. He kept his promise and I knew he would but the thing was he didn't ask me himself and just told dania just to collect it from me and it would be ok. Even though I'd normally say no under the circumstances, I didn't want dania to suffer so I just paid it. A couple weeks later Ryuuichi dropped by my house and gave me the money and I chewed him out for it.

Aug 4th Monika from Vancouver.

I really felt bad that last time Monika came to Japan I just did not have time to see her at all. This time I promised her that I would see her as much as possible this month. I`ve been running around like crazy so I was really happy I could just have a relaxin coffee with her. She is doing internship at a elite job centre. She was telling me how the world around her and the people she is meeting lately has really opened her eyes to the world. She was quite a hardcore gyaru but now even though she does gyaru make and wears D.I.A she dyed her hair black and is wearing suits to work. She told me at first it was really horrible and thought she would die having to go normal but after she did it, it really wasn`t so bad. She said if worse comes to worst, I should do it too. She told me also when you do stuff like that the type of people you attract are different. The quality of people changes around you and you are taken more seriously. Speaking with her really inspired me and if I had to, sometime down the road, had to change, I feel ever so slightly more comfortable. We talked for hours in a cafe in Sentagai. I met with her again at goth gene (next next entry) and then again at a cafe in Harajuku where she introduced me to her friend and we talked about job options. She said she wants to make all her friends sucessful so we can all be sucessful together and it won`t be lonely.

Men's Spider Shoot with Mayumi and French + Swiss Gyaruo!

I did not know what was going on at all today. Mayumi told me about a Men's spider shoot and I just thought it was going to be a  normal shoot and we could just watch or something like that.I wanted to see Ichijyou Makoto in person so I went. But apparently it was a Snap. Hahaha.  Luckily I was done up decent though I would have liked to have my hair more proper. I ran into my friend Jirou there. It's been awhile since I last saw him. He greeted me warmly. I'm happy for him for getting into the Men's Spider as a regular model. After the shoot we met up with Toma and everyone else and hanged out at McDs and Sentagai. Mayumi had to go after McDs but I still had just a little more time. I wanted to take purikura with everyone. While waiting for everyone to by thier smokes. I was talking to Taku and Ethan. Ethan saw a truck advertising Joypolis in Odaima and jumped up and down like a little kid expressing how he wants to go and begging Taku to take him there. Taku said no in a stern parent like voice and said it's too expensive. I told him its only about 2500yen and Ethan gave him puppy eyes. Taku turned away awkwardly  to avoid it. LOL

When we finally got to the purikura place, I was only able to take a set with Toma and a couple other people. Unfortunately I didn't have time to take it with Ethan and Taku. It was really too bad I had to head off.  I was really happy seeing Toma because Toma was the first French gyaruo I ever met online yeaaaars ago. It was because of him I met all the other french gyaruo and how I met Dyu. It's a really odd feeling meeting someone for the first time after talking to them for years and years online.

Aug. 14th Kawaii TV. Gyaru around the World

It's been 1.5 years since we last met. I'm always happy seeing them

I just could not wake up in time. So I went to the later part of the segment after the shopping in 109. I was kinda surprised they actually filmed me a little instead of like last time where I was just in the background.   Kawaii TV, no matter how nice the cameramen are, the producer only likes to show really foreign looking gyaru unless they are doing a special in an asian country like singapore.

I was really glad to meet Ethan. It was too bad I couldn't see him one more time before he went back home

Ethan and Taku also arrived around the same time as me and when we headed to the game centre I was finally able to take purikura with Ethan. (Taku didn't want to join) Ethan had other plans so he left, leaving Taku all alone with many many girls. He was a little shy. When we go outside, we bought some crepes and the camera crew took pics of our purikura and crepes. Toma, Matthieu and James arrived a little after everyone headed into 10sion Gyaru cafe.
steffi *love* She was soo nice, everyone was so nice.

I waited with Taku for them and when they came we all went up to the cafe together. To my surprise, when I got there Mitsubatchi Honoka and Yukari were working. I was greeted with a really high tension OTSUKARESAMA DESU! We kinda freaked out for awhile before I sat down at the table. I got along with Rika, another staff at 10sion very well and invited her to join Love Gals. Unfortunately Love Gal's hasn't had many meets lately because Natsuki has been MIA so I was never really able to invite her properly.

After the cafe there was a long closing with Kawaii TV then everyone piled into an izakaya. The french gyaruo wanted some smokes and money from the bank so I went with them and led them back. My food was sold out but they didn't tell me til quite late so I had to order something else. Toma had order the same thing but my time was tight so he gave me his and he will eat mine later when it arrives. Matthieu kinda teased us saying awwww~~~~  I was really happy to meet everyone and eat dinner because for the longest time I was scared of the western community because of what they did to me last year. Ash is still not quite ok with it which is why she didn't come. I had wanted to stay longer but my time ran out again and I had to go.

Sept 29th is when it airs * I saw most of it but because of the lag in it I couldn't see it all. But from what I could see I was not in it at all other than the last group shot even though they filmed me alot during the day. Oh well, it's just like the other 2 times haha. Nothing new, I only really came to see Rox and Charlie.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Beach Day! Love Gals + French Gyaruo!

Ok, so Ashley finally made me go to the beach because I promised her I'd go at least once with her but no more than 2-3x. I was thinking  I'd go maybe a couple times til I realized how tanned I was getting just from walking back and forth from school even though I diligently carried a parasol with me at all times. (but my god, I lost 2 lolita parasols this summer from being so tired on the train)

We all arrived in Shinjuku early in the morning and took purikura and picked up a couple items from the dollar store. The boys didn't want to take purikura so they had a little bit of a game tournament. There were so many of us that it was really hard to see our bathing suits. Yumi-nyan and Masumi said they wanted to go do something and they will be right back and left us to wait for our puri to print out. It just so happens they took another set together. Ash, Mayumi and I were kinda like wtf. If we knew we would have taken another set together too. The Gyaruo and us just stood outside waiting them to finish for 15mins. It's too bad, I would have liked another purikura set......

I haven't seen Masumi in sooooo long. She had lost alot of weight. We caught up on some small talk as we went to the konbini on the way to the trains.   On the train ride there I wasMatthieu most of the way about random things like how in the west you would think you would be able to have any natural hair color but in France appearently you are not allowed to have light hair unless it is your natural hair color so for Uniqlo Matthieu had to dye his hair black just like how in Kamei Royale I had to dye my hair dark too. We also got on the topic of some french gyaru and gyaruo. Matthieu and my view on Naoki is the same. Though he has a really bad reputation with alot of people and we agree some of the things he does is really bad we both agree that we think he is a good person inside. As for a bit of a sweet thing of the past, a person very dear to me seems to still love me even now and that he regrets letting me go. He also feels that if anyone were to hurt me he would kill them. Its such a sweet thing to hear after all these years. He really broke my heart 3 years ago...

The train ride was very long but on the 2nd transfer I found a parasol!!!!Karma must be blessing me by giving me one for the 2 I lost. I felt lucky XD;

When we arrived we met up with some friends of Yumi and Masumi and drank on the beach. We chilled for a little while as everyone got to know eachother. One girl took quite a liking to Matthieu. She was a quarter mixed with... I can't remember but she spoke a little bit of english. A couple hours later we got invited to VIP. The same VIP we were with last year and they treated us all you can eat and all you can drink as well as a free pass to all the beach rave houses. The one we were at had some dark pysche and there were some people from decadance there. I got along with the nee-chans in VIP and chilled there for awhile. Later I went to find everyone again and we collected on the area of the we first were as we waited for Tomoki and Linda to arrive. Oretaku was supposed to be with them but he said he was coming later. Instantly Tomoki latched on to my Toma, Matthieu and James. Ash, Mayumi and I noticed that Tomoki seems to be obsessed with foreigners. He did the same to Mayumi the first time she came into Love gals and to Ryuuichi when I introduced him to him in kabukicho.

We drank a little more and then out of the confusion we ended up at the station in 2 groups. We all piled on the train tired as hell. However, Mayumi couldn't get through the gate because she had to recharge her pass. She took much longer than expected and it almost looked like Toma and I were going to stay behind to wait for her but she made in just the nick-of-time.

While some of us slept, Tomoki kept making Linda do funny impressions. Mayumi and I were sharing some photos with eachother and commenting on each of them. Some seats free-ed up and everyone was able to sit finally. I slept on Toma's shoulder til we had to transfer.

On the 2nd train home, there was Tomoki's english lesson. He kept asking ash to teach him stupid words and he tested them out on Mayumi. Like what color is your pussy? Mayumi was soo embarassed. She's like WHYYY IS HE ONLY ASKING ME???? We were all laughing and said well if it were just me (ash) I'd kill him if it were Shiena, she'd just smirk and give a one word answer. Other funny sentances. You are a Vagina! I like penis!. Yes I am gay! What color are your nipples? Can I see them?  It was soo funny. Matthieu and I were exchanging glances and were like hahaha what is this?

When we got to Shinjuku everyone was ravishingly hungry. But since there were 10 of us and it was dinner time, we could not all fit in any of the places we went to. We walked through Kabukicho, circled around and exited and ended up at a place close to the station. When our food all came Ash was noticing how neat both James and Matthieu were eating while Toma's was a dog's breakfast. Ash had alot of fun picking on him amongst other things through-out the day. Ash kept calling him Tomato. He looked at me like she's soo mean! help me. And I said.... toma...to XD Toma is kinda easy to pick on but he's a good sport so he just complains and reacts funny but isn't hurt by it. He reminds me alot of Mikado Masa.

I  had so much fun at the beach. It was 10x more fun. Ash told me, sadly that's because even though we love Natsuki, she just wants to stay in VIP the entire time so it's much more fun without her.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Bluff BBQ

I woke up early in spite of not going to bed til 6am to go to the BBQ that Bluff event circle invited us to. Originally there was supposed to be 8 people in total: Ash, Dania, Emilie,Toma + 2, Mayumi, Yumi and myself.  But Toma + 2 went to atom the night before and couldn`t wake up, Mayumi also had a simular thing happen and so did Emilie. Ash suddenly didn`t feel well and even though Dania made it out to see me just long enough to take purikura, she also didn`t feel well enough to go so I ended up alone.

I called Nikoru and whined on the phone how everyone ditched last minute. But he begged me to come so I went anyway. It started to rain and I was worried about the weather. I called nikoru again but he assured me it was not raining where they are and they are all under a bridge.

I arrived at the station and while waiting for Nikoru to arrive Hori and other mikado members showed up. We all went together to the BBQ together.

When I showed up there were already 50 people there or so. Its been a long time since I saw everyone. Though the moment I got there everyone was asking where the rest of Love Gals was. Even though there was alot of people I knew there, it was kinda lonely without love gals.

I mostly talked to Ren and ... damn I forgot his name but he looks like jin murdervoice lol and nikoru. I was soooo hungry so I ate alot. I was very good at managing to avoid the drinks. I really don't like drinking in the afternoon because it makes me sick. Soon after the rain started to fall. We were under a bridge so it didn't affect us too much but it was a downpour.

When the rain subsided Bluff started the main event. The first competition required the guys to take their shirts off and have their sempais hit them very hard across the back. The last one standing wins. Nikoru slapped them rather lightly so the other sempai shook his head and did the job himself everyone flinched in pain. The next game was terrible. I was really wondering why there were live goldfish earlier... well here is why. The game was to see who can hold a live goldfish in their mouth the longest. The poor things got spat out on the floor pretty quickly...

People were getting really drunk and jumping in the river haha~ Kai and Hicchi (blaze and mikado daihyos ) threw one girl in unwillingly but when Bobby ( Bluff daihyo) tried to splash water on Hicchi, Hicchi got very mad because as always, he was in a nice suit jacket. One girl was sooo drunk that she was lying on top of a guy and making moaning noises and trying to unbutton one guys belt. The poor guy didnt know what to do because she was being all erotic on him and he was trying to not to react. No one really knew who she was so we were desperately trying to find the person she came to take care of her. Some of the guys were being a bit stupid by trying to unclasp her bra and machiaki was about to jokingly grope her when I gave him a deathglare. Sa-jin will never go too far so I wasn't worried about anything happening to her but it was still stupid nevertheless. Her friend came and we lied her down on the tarp as the rest of us gathered her stuff and brought her water. Meanwhile the guy who looked like jin murdervoice came at me all drunk asking me to go to the fireworks with everyone. He was soaked and in his boxers so it was pretty the way he asked. However he was badly cut across his hipbone and there was blood going down his leg. Luckily I had bandaids. Nikoru was also very drunk at one point he was hugging me really tightly saying thankyou for coming a thousand times.

No thanks to the rain, my diamante shoes were getting filthy. It was also to the fault of the guy who looks like jin murdervoice's big friend who kept stepping on my feet. It really hurt. The guy has got to be at least 180lbs.

 Close to the end when everyone was heading home, a guy from Family (gyarusa) named Ichirou greeted me. Love Gals and Family never really nagomi-ed together so I'm not very familiar with the members of Family. He and I had the same hair color.  He was talking about some of things about being a host as everyone was heading the the station. Everyone was going to someone's house and I was invited as well. But not having slept the night before I was very tired so I declined that as well as seeing fireworks. I wanted to see fireworks but I wanted to see it in yukata, not in lazy summer clothes with messed up hair and dirty shoes.

In the end it was really worth going. Too bad no one else could have made it though.....