Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Goth Gene

I thought it would take alot more time that it did for Mayumi to get off work so we can all go to the Gothic Event together in Shinjuku axxcis so I met up with my friend Kaede for a little while but really only long enough to talk to him for 10mins and then start walking to Mayumi`s work place. There was some sort of dispute with the payment system of Mayumi`s work place and she was all upset about it as we headed to the event.

When we got there there were not many people there... We also wanted to drink but no one was really giving out drinks but we spotted the girl who invited her very quickly because she has really light blonde hair with blue and red highlights. Her name is Rin. She is a famous ikemen photographer. Despite her seemingly intimidating appearance, she`s actually very approachable and sweet in real life.

We soon go invited into the VIP section by a pro boxer named Rion who introduced us to all his friends. One of which that locked eyes with me from the moment he was introduced. His name was Hakushaku (Katsuya) He is a what is called a charisma host, a top ranking host from club romeo and 8th in kantou region at some point. I could tell he loved himself alot but I`m open for some humor. He asked for my number about 5minutes into the conversation. He was pretty aggressive but we had alot in common like music and fashion. He and I talked most of the time while Mayumi talked with another guy about her work problems.

A little later Ash finally made it to the club and we all joined her and Rin on the dance floor. We danced for quite a while and then headed back to a table that was playing drinking games. One of the people near the table was Kentarou from Men`s Knuckle but I was too busy having fun to really pay much attention to him.

Everyone was soo nice! The music was awesome and even though there weren`t too many people about half of them were hot.

Afterwards  Mayumi and this other guy and I went to pasela and drank a little more then headed home. On my way home Katsuya calls me and says WE HAVE TO GO ON A DATE SOON! I was like haha ok whatever. I don`t see this going anywhere but he`s at least hot enough for one date.

The next day he kept contacting me to see me so I made my way to Shinjuku after my plans one day and he took me out to a really nice sushi restaurant that had sushi made into the shape of balls. The restaurant had a really nice wa-fu feel to it down to the music. When I got to hang out with Katsuya one on one he showed me that hes actually a pretty decent person. We talked for hours about culture and music. He called me a Vkei otaku when the 1 second beginning of  Spell Magic by Acid Black Cherry rang as his mail ringtone and I was able to name it right away.

There was still more time so he called up his boss and asked if their bar was busy. He held my hand as we rode the taxi to a bar called Magenta. He had us sit in the vip room as we drank shochu with milktea. He then called all his staff to come over. Apparently they were all at the event yesterday and one chibi in particular liked me. On the phone he sounded a bit jealous and upset lol. The rest of them were kind of wondering why they were all there. Katsuya said its his first time on a date with a foreigner and that he has alot of confidence with Japanese girls but he doesn`t know how a foreigner thinks so hes shy thus why he had 5 guys come in to entertain. Everyone sang karaoke and had a great time. At around 5-6am the bar closed and we left. Still wanting to be with eachother longer he invited me to his house. I refused at first because I don`t normally go to people`s houses on the first day I see them. But he convinced me its just that he wanted to play a little longer and that he swears he won`t do anything strange but ultimately it was up to me. I decided to trust him for now as we went to the konbini and picked up some alcohol and snacks.

When we arrived at his house, I was in awe on how nice his apartment is and the decor. He has a black chandelier and lots of other fancy decorations.. and of... course LOTS of photos of himself HAHAHA. We just ended up drinking more listening to music and watching youtube videos til we fell asleep. I showed him some of the Trouble in Tokyo episodes and he was laughing like crazy on them. He`s not the first Japanese person to find them hilarious.

As promised he didn`t do anything strange and only held my hand as we slept. He sent me off and told me when our times match again lets see each other again. I came expecting nothing but a shallow flashy host but left kinda impressed.