Monday, December 31, 2012

Home for the Holidays Pt. 2 or well.. 1.5

Ok, well before I talk about that, I wanted to show how Canadian Christmas illuminations and mall decorations are done.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Home for the Holidays pt.1

It has been more than 2years since I came to visit Vancouver. There were many things leading up to this trip that made alot of things very last minute. It took me 3 separate days to run my errands because things were so busy. 

The flight went pretty smooth and I watched Ruronin Kenshin and Gintama on my way there. When I arrived in Vancouver I was very confused as to where my mom was. The flight was delayed so I arrived 1hr after the scheduled time. I was worried that maybe due to the time difference, maybe my mom mistook the day I should arrive. I walked over to the pay phone and took out a couple of quarters to call her. To my surprise, I still remember her cellphone number even though I haven't dialled it for years. 

My mom came down the stairs and it was like nothing has changed. I gave her a big hug and we she drove us home. 

The first couple of days we just layed around the house doing not much but watching some movies here and there and I showed her boondocks. While running some errands here and there I met my new stepdad John. We got along pretty much instantly. He is very intelligent and intuitive. He took us to the antique show near main. I remember as a kid being dragged there every weekend by my dad but as an adult it is much more interesting as you start to find things you kinda like. 

On the first Saturday, I went to my friend's birthday party. She had it held at a gamer themed restaurant. I didn't know that Vancouver had  restaurants like these.  It really felt like I haven't left Canada. I visit Japan for 1 month and leave for 1.5 years and it feels like 4 years passed by and I leave Canada for 2.5years and it feels like 3months passed by. 

Christmas dinner was at John's. This is where I met his son and one of his daughters along with their partners. I got along with his daughter and her boyfriend really well. His son and his girlfriend mostly hid in the back most of the time so I didn't get to talk to them very much. Christmas dinner was served. It was a real christmas dinner none of this fried chicken shit (yes, Japanese have fried chicken as their replacement for turkey) 

John is very intuitive and very easy to talk to. At some point after dinner we talked about some things and some of the things I was concerned about. He confirmed alot of my feelings that I was holding at the time and showed me a way to relieve some of the stress I have been holding. I think when I get back to Japan alot of things will likely change. 

Christmas Day 25th with my Dad

To be honest, I'm still bitter at the things that went down a few years ago with my dad. I rather not go into detail but despite that, I still made a christmas present for him. He took me out to a lobster lunch at a chinese restaurant. At the restaurant some dirty old man tried to hit on me then noticed my dad and asked if he was my husband. I was uttery disgusted but it dawned on me, hey that must mean I really don't look like my dad anymore. Since I was a child I was told I looked pretty much identical to my dad and I've always hated that because I wanted to look like my mom. But as of late, everyone says I look more like my mom. I didn't believe them even though I wanted to but for my dad to be mistaken as not my dad was a real first in my life. 


Not surprisingly... well actually sort of surprising because I thought he'd at least do this much... He didn't have a christmas present for me, not even a card. As usual he just told me how hard life has been for him. 

We then headed towards Richmond where I looked around the mall and then ended off with tofu dessert I have been so craving for so long. (it may not look appetizing but I LOOOOOOVE this basil seed black grass jelly and tofu dessert )

He later introduced me to his girlfriend. She was really sweet. I hope she can take care of him. 

Christmas Dinner at Lanta's Dec 25th

I went to my old preschool coordinator's house for christmas dinner with mom and John. She and her her son Tim were surprised to see me. They said I grew up so much. Of course they have known me since I was 3 but still haha. We had a nice light chat about various subjects and it was just an overall relaxing dinner. 

Boxing Day Dec 26th

In Canada we have a holiday called boxing day that follows after christmas when everything that wasn't sold over the holidays goes on for a deep discount. Mom and I have been trying to get out of the house and I'm not sure what happened but we ended up in a big fight and I vaguely remember it was mostly over coffee haha. But nevertheless it was a rather explosive fight so I called my old senpai Bevan. I have been meaning to see him anyway. He still had to go home once before going out after work so we decided to meet at metrotown. 

I took the train to metrotown and on my way a nampa spoke to me with a typical line. Do I know you from somewhere? No. Oh sorry I must have been mistaken but by we must have met for a reason, where are you from? I nearly laughed out loud. He asked for my number. I said I have no number. I want to meet up with you for dinner so how may I contact you. I said if you believe in destiny, then you will see me again and walked away quickly laughing. 

I was looking at bags for Andre, a friend who has been helping me out with many things. I went to a sports place at first but couldn't find anything. Bevan arrived shortly and we looked around. We dropped by AX and I bought Ai a T-shirt. Then I went to Guess and to my surprise I found a nice sturdy bag that was also fashionable. Some sunglasses caught my eye as my Dior shades have been missing on top of being scratched to all hell. Bevan's face lit up and said hey why don't we drop by my cousin's place. He explained that he was beside himself thinking as to what to get me for christmas since I could get everything I wanted in Japan. But if it's sunglasses I needed then thats definitely something we can get nice here. He bought me a pair of gucci classic sunglasses for christmas. I was so touched. Sasuga Bevan <3 

After shopping he took me to Korean BBQ and talked about life in general and some dreams. He told me about some things that have been on his mind and stressing him out. Like old times, I listened and gave my input here and there. 

After dinner we went to my house and I went inside to grab his christmas present. I wasn't expecting anything for christmas really so the sunglasses came as a really nice surprise. I got him a little keychain from Diavlo. It had a skull motif on it. He was really happy. 

Blanche Macdonald Dec 27th.

My mom took me to go on a tour at her workplace. I met with all her co-workers and peered into some of the classrooms. There were no students there because it was the holidays but it was kinda an interesting preview as to what I will be going into in Japan. Alot of her co-workers expressed that it's too bad that I won't be attending blanche. 

Blanche MacDonald Downtown Campus and Hobbits! Dec 28

My mom also took me to one more Blanche campus. I was really happy being showed around so pridefully by my mom. Seeing her smile as she showed me off made me happy as well. Afterwards went to metrotown and took some purikura and then watched the hobbit. It was a very good movie. I just realised I haven't been at a movie theatre for at least 3 years! haha

Lunch with Kat Dec29th

Mom and I went to richmound to meet our old friend Kat. As always she was dressed in a very flamboyant red fur poncho. She also was wearing red uggs to match. Its weird but she managed to pull it off with style. Nothing has really changed haha but now she is feeling much better since things at home have been more peaceful. 

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Ai's B-day Party

After Goth Gene I headed toward's Ai's bar. He turns 27 today or well technically yesterday. I arrived at the bar and to my surprise, he was there and there was only one other person there at the moment. This time because the bar was really empty I got to talk to Ai alot. He still nagged me about recent events that happened with Yuuki.  I just told him to drop it its not that big of a deal.

He started to share shots with me one after another. Mind you I already drank quite a bit at Goth Gene... you think he's trying to get me drunk? lol

I gave him his bday present and when he opened it he laughed at the gag. I gave him a portable phone charger and said if you run out of batteries use my chikara (strength). Yah, corny, I know, but he found it funny. We kept talking about random things when Miho appeared and Kirby came through the door. Kirby had a book of host business cards. When I was looking at them Ai got mad at me and hit me on the back and scolded me for having them. I told him they weren't mine! He said sorry... and I hit him 2x harder back. I showed him my card collection which was mostly girls. He said I forgive this, I forgive this, I forgive this one too. When he got to Hakushaku's card he said ahhh.... um... then passes it to his card which had Yuuki's under it. He was happy his card had a special protective sleeve on it but was angry I still have Yuuki's card. He said you know I hate this guy. Shall I throw this away for you? I was like give it back ==;

Miho later went out to get a cake to smash on his face. He willingly gently put his face into it. I was not satisfied so I got Miho to pass me the cake and I upper-cut him with it. It got all over his hair, face, and clothes and I'm sure it got up his nose too. He tried to get me back by smearing cake on my face and up my nose and into my mouth. He wasn't so successful though. haha.

The drinks continued. He poured me a mix of 98% alcohol + strawberry liquor and then himself, tequila. He kept trying to do half shots of tequila but I kept bumping his elbow to make it full. I was not happy he was making me drink so much so I was determined to bring him down with me.

I was getting pretty drunk and he held my hand while talking to me. He tried to make me promise to go to the B+Legend Snowbording trip. He said he really wants me to go and won't allow me not to. He also expressed that he was sad I won't be in Japan for christmas because he wanted me to join his company to see the illuminations and for the newyears countdown. Time was going by quickly and after his b-day cake I had to try to get to school for my speaking test. He was sad I had to go and said he was sabishi... he walked me to the elevator and went in with me. But he pressed 7 instead of 1 so I laughed and said are you drunk. Its 1 right? and pressed 1 but when we arrived at 7 he held the door open. I was confused as I exited out the door.

He lead me to the roof top where he held me and talked to me. We got in a bit of a quarrel because I was really drunk and with all the things I have been hearing about him and this and that. I kept asking what he though about me and if he really liked me. He told me that he wouldn't be asking me to ganbaru if he didn't. I kept saying to him, you don't actually like me do you? I tried to run from him but he kept pulling me back. At one point I ran to the otherside of the roof and started to cry. (I suppose it looked like I was going to jump?) He said something I couldn't hear but started to count. I walked slowly step by step as he counted back to him til he reached 1. I was within reachable distance and he said thankyou. He grabbed me back and told me to never give up. To never loose to him. If I give up here I've lost. If I leave it like this I have lost. I was loosing grip of myself and couldn't hold my emotions. He watch me break down in tears. I wanted to run from him but he wouldn't let me. He held me close and wouldn't let me go.

Eventually time was running out so he lead me to the elevator and we kissed before he jumped out to let me go down with our fingers slowly retracting back to ourselves as the doors closed. I felt like crap.

After my test, I wrote back to him `You really torment me` in english. He replied back that he wanted me to put more importance on myself because for him, I am important to him.

I said to him. Oh really? If that's so please prove it to me. I wrote him my life values and so on and he replied back with his. It was very lengthy heart filled mail. It made me cry as I read it. Unlike the one very similar that he wrote when he broke up with me, this one he said he wanted me to be that woman who can match up with him in the end. But how long do you expect me to keep going on like this Ai? How long do you expect me to wait for you? To wait for you to become perfect? You are lucky that you are so special that it will take me some time before someone else can come along that is better than you but... I cannot wait forever...

Monday, December 17, 2012

Goth Gene December

I slept most of the day because I know this will be a lonnnnnng haul. Ash and I mis-calculated the time and was unable to take purikura before going. We headed straight to the venue and got invited in to eat the oden special with everyone.

A special guest at goth gene this time is Mens Knuckle model Kenzo. He was introduced to.. or well re-introduced to us by Rin and Hakushaku. The truth is we met him a couple years back. He remembered us after all those years too. He was so friendly.

There were some nice salarymen who were treating us to drinks all night so we got to play and dance to the music all night. Not really much of the ordinary other than just plain out having fun. Rin-chan was very drunk very quickly this time and introduced me as her little sister to everyone 3x. She also got the salaryman to get everyone drinks and more and more drinks.

At the end of the night I gave Hakushaku his bday present and he was very happy about it. It was a Kaoru cup that I wrote maybe I was born to meet  drink  with you. He laughed at the pun. I figured since he just moved into his new place not too long ago that a couple new cups would come in handy.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Men's Spider Street Snap + Ash's Bday Celebration

Ash and I got ready early in the morning to make it to the mens spider shoot. We got there just in the nick of time and got our snap done pretty quickly. It seems that today is a day to run into bandmen or something but Shyena ex. vocalist of Vlast approached us at the intersection in Harajuku、after recognising us from the street snap、by bitting us with his alligator hand puppet. His northamerican model friend was also very nice to us too and we took a couple pictures and parted ways. Ash and I were hungry so we went to get crepes. It was very windy so to hide from the wind we ran around the corner beside the back door of some building. While eating a bunch of people came out that door. I was thinking hum... that guy looks alot like miku from Ancafe. Then I noticed all the other people around him which were the other memebers of An Cafe. IT WAS miku. haha I had expected him to be alot shorter and Kanon much taller than he was.

I needed to pick up Hakushakus bday present from the eva store. I kept getting lost by the navigator and it was so frustrating but we eventually found it and I picked up a couple things. We then went back to takeshitadori to take purikura and ran into shyena and his friend again and then again when we exited the puikura place. 3 times? is this fate? We talked for a little while longer and exchanged line contact. He was so nice.

We headed back home for a little while since no one else seems to be responding to their mails. I got changed into more casual clothes. Since Kyla couldnt make it til later we decided to skip the dinner plans and just meet up and figure things out from there. We met Kyla in shinjuku and drank and ate at the HUB while catching up on things.

Afterwards we ended up at club camelot. The crowd was terrible til 130 but by then we were all getting tired. I ran into an old charao friend of mine naoto and his friend took quite a liking to Ash as always. I think it always pisses him off. Kyla's bf was having some jealousy issues and she had to leave early. Ash and I decided we should go home too because I was getting tired and had school the next day.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Soul Sister + Egg Snap + Rin Live + N2 exam after dinner

Ash and I woke up early but not early enough and had to rush out of the house to get to loove on time for our hairmake appointment. To no surprise alot of the Black Diamond girls were there.

We were invited by Pontsuyo to join in on the Soul Sister and Egg Snap with Black Diamond. I have heard lots of bad things about him but oh well, no use in turning down opportunities right? When we got there and met him, He was very professional and nice. Completely different from what I have heard. I guess one can only go on personal experience. It's not that I deny he might have said some ignorant things concerning the western gal comm and that I might be getting home field treatment but I honestly cannot say bad things about someone who has no personal beef with me.

The locations were very cold but we stuck it out and made it to both the soul sister and egg snap. I was supposed to study but last minute I got invited out to see Rin's last live so I made my way back to shinjuku to meet with my friends to see Rin. It was so crowded that I had to stand on the stairs but that resulted in the best seats in the house one can get for arriving late. The show was awesome and the crowd was much more interesting than normal. I am so sad they are disbanding....

My friend Paulina was there too so after the show we talked about a few things. I really feel sad that these hosts treat her so bad. I wish that one would treat her the way she deserves.

Because my hair was set from the day before, I wore gothic lolita to the JLPT test. I don't think I did well at all... I didn't understand most of it.

I then went with my friend andre for a nice 8 course crab dinner. I was such a great dinner. I haven't ate so well since a long time. Since the next day was a day off I thought about going to Ai's bar but decided not to in the end.

Dec.2nd, So It was the N2 exam day and I was totally unprepared. There were too many words I didn't know I'm pretty sure I failed. But nevertheless my friend took me out to eat crab as a celebration for doing the exam. 
Haha at least how many people go to a N exam in goth lolita?

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Romeo Ra-Ra-Paradaise at Camelot

Romeo group collaborating with Sing-o came out with a new fun drinking song called Ra-Ra-Paradaise . Since I'm pretty good friends with Hakushaku I wanted to support him by going to his little performance at Camelot.

I had finally got my extensions so I feel so much better about myself. This is likely the most bold color I ever chosen. I have vivid red and blue two tone on each side. I didn't like the fact that Hakushaku really hated that I had short hair. It was written all over his face that he hated the short hair. Not that I really do my style for guys but I personally didn't like it either so it was a nice way to show that like I said, I'm not going to have short hair for long.

I went to the event by myself. My friends were all busy with work and so on and it felt so awkward. It seems that camelot has this one event that you get a different color wrist band according what you were there for. For example, I have a lover so please don't talk to me, Im here with friends, Im here to dance, Im here for meeting people so please talk to me (flirt) then you get a trump card. What you are supposed to do with the trump card is to to find someone with the same card and they were your destined match of the night. Sometime during the night the staff with pick a number and those people holding the cards get tickets to disneyland to go together. It's an interesting concept but I was in no mood for such things lately.

I managed to arrive a little before the performance. It was very entertaining. Afterwards I met with Hakushaku and he said that if I am still there he will drink with me after he finishes drinking with his team. However I went home at 3 since I couldn't find him. Later on I found out he lost his phone and was looking for me.