Monday, June 27, 2011

After Dancegroove Party at Oretaku's

June ended in a little party by the beach at Ore-taku`s house. Still a little upset about Dancegroove I went to meet up with circle friends for a little get together. We were all told to meet in Shinjuku but I arrived a little later than everyone and yet still managed to make it on time. I ran into Yuuki and people on my way there and we sat at mac til everyone else gathered. Yuuki was in full mamba. Red GIANT hair. It was awesome!

I think the group in total was Yuuki, Hori, Tomoki, his girlfriend, one other girl, Ash, Masumi and I at this point. I thought we were all just going to drink somewhere but we headed to the station instead. I was then told that we were going to Ore-taku's house. Little did I know he lives WAAAAAAAAAAY out there. It took like an hour and a half on the train to get there. I was kind of miffed about the long train ride because it costed about 800yen to get to where we are now. I wasn't planning on spending that nor was I planning on going out that far. But we were already here so nothing I could do about it. Ore-taku arrived in his loud flashy car and his sempai arrived in a white van. We all split up into two cars and headed off to the beach. I was NOT planning on going to the beach! My diamante shoes were totally getting dirty from this whole thing. Aside from that it was kind of a nice change of scenery. It was so far out from Tokyo it kinda reminded me of coquitlam or somewhere really residential with lots of trees etc. It was very windy at the beach sand was getting all in my eyes and everything, my hair was needless to day ruined. We set off fireworks etc and had lots of fun. We all got back into the car, picked up some food from the konbini and finally arrived at oretaku's house. His house was really neat however the toliet was black 0_0 gross... did he never clean it since he moved in?

Everyone in the group was a sa-jin but ore-taku's sempai so when we started the drinking games he was getting hammered because he didnt know the games well. He called the ping-pong game the pin-pin game. LOL.  We played with some sort alcohol like wisky or some other not tasty drink... so Ash and I kept with the tequila balls because they were so much easier to eat than any of the other drinks. The night went on long and Yuuki's girlfriend and the other girl were already out. Yuuki was taking care of his gf which was pretty sweet because they were having a fight a little bit earlier. The sempai got really drunk and started to come on to ash but tomoki protected her. Masumi, Hori and I were the only ones not too drunk after it all and were just talking normal. We were definately not planning on sleeping over so as soon as morning hit we wanted to go home. Oretaku wasn't willing to drive so we had the sempai drive. He was still drunk. FUCKING scary but the town wasn't so busy and the distance is not to far.

Luckily my plans were canceled for the next day because it took me awhile to get back home.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Dance Groove 2011 : Doomsday

This was the day we had all be waiting for! The day we had been diligently planning for! The day we had work soo hard for! For us not to be able to get a hair-set appointment.....

It is a very special day and we had wanted pro-hairset done but every place was booked other than one opening. So in short, we could not get us both done in time. Ash took the appointment while I struggled to get my hair to work on my own... I really didn't want to do my hair on my own but what can we do?

Like any day I want my hair to turn perfect, it fucks up numerous times and I had to spend extra time to get it to work. I was soo frustrated and upset because I was starting to run late on the big day.

I arrived at Roppogi very late but I guess that's why they make the meeting time a couple hours in advance so that late people will still all be on time. I missed out on taking photos in the park with everyone but at this point I didn't care because I was already in a bad mood due to having to last minute hair.

We all took purikura and it was really hot inside the booth. I was not very happy about it all.... I chugged down some coffee as I did not sleep more than 30mins the night before. On the brightside while waiting for everyone else to finish their purikura, I found a mew toy that someone left after winning it from a UFO catcher. I took him and attached him to my bag.

We all headed to club flower started to set everything up. Putting all our bags into to cloak check I realized I had forgotten my camera. GREAT another thing that went wrong... I feel like I was having the worst time of my life. But I get to see Ai today... We have been so busy lately that I hadn't seen him for 3weeks. I sure hope he comes on time... it being a big event and all there's sure to be line up..... but my phone has no service in this club....

The event started and I was wondering where Ai was... he must be late again.. I kept wandering the club to try to get signal. By the time I found signal he had called and mailed me many times saying he was going to be late (but this time he was only 45mins late) and that he is here now stuck in line. Great... I told him to be on time for a reason.... I told him SOO many times not to be late.... but I didnt have time to think about that for long as I was pulled into to doing bagging and pamphlet duty. Ai arrived shortly later but by then I was busy with staff duties and apologized to him and said I'll be with him shortly. I finished my shift around 1hr later everyone in my section was pissed that other members  of our section were not helping at all and it was all tomonyan ash and I doing everything. O-kun, when he was finally found, just sat there looking at the booklet instead of doing his work. It really made tomonyan furious.

I finally found Ai and thank-goodness he managed to entertain himself while I was gone. He introduced me to a guy he had just met saying that he is very admirable and that he and Ai are discussing maybe some plans about opening a bar together. Aww that's great~ I was afraid that maybe Ai might not enjoy himself since everyone is significantly younger than him but he managed to find a useful connection at my event. 

I was happy for Ai but at the same time I was feeling a bit uneasy as he was acting somewhat cold and affectionate. I introduced him to many of my friends but if I were to turn away from him for a just second to take a photo or to talk with a sempai he would be off somewhere just standing. I was a bit uneasy but I tried to get him to watch the show but because there was too big of a crowd he didn't want to go in that area and that the room was too hot. It wasn't properly a/ced for some reason. I thought it was a bit of a waste but whatever, I happy that he's here at least. But then he asked me don't have some other staff duties? I was a bit offended and said hey I know my schedule and I'm keeping good track of time. Don't worry!

I was a bit annoyed that he was being awkwardly distant to me today... and kinda voiced my opinion. He said oh? I'm not. Oh really...? I guess I'm just being too high strung. So I tried to kiss him ,just a light kiss but he pulled away..... I almost cried, when we were approached by Ash and other people. We talked in a group. Ash pulled him aside a bit to talk to him. I pretended to be absorbed in the other conversation. I told Ash that I don't think he's listening to me so I wanted her to tell him a couple things for me. Later I talked to ash and ash told me he kind of dodged her questions.

AHHHHGH... this day is just a disaster so far...but it can't get worse right???

I was soo distressed so I just wished this event was over even though I was happy with everyone who came for us this day and I am glad you all had so much fun. I wish I could have watched the show too.

I was really upset that Ai was almost ignoring me and paying more attention to  his possible new business partner than me even though its MY EVENT. But maybe its because of this environment.... Ai also said something that really offended me which was everyone seems soo young here and what benefit is there to to it. I said friends... don't  you understand?? I only came here 6months ago and these people have been the kind of friendship that I've been looking for. A tight circle of friends. A sense of belonging, for once I feel like I belong somewhere! Why can't he think of anything else but work.... There's more to life than just achieving your career goals.... I admire his ambition but sometimes.... other things are important too...

Perhaps... after this event we can have a nice relaxing dinner and clear everything up I mean its kind of hard to think with music blasting in your ears and I was tired so I am a bit more on edge than normal.

At the end of the event Ai told me he will wait for me outside as I finish up with whatever I needed to do for closing. I finished cleaning up in about 5mins and called him. To my disbelief.. he had already gone with that group of guys he had met at the event and said he was eating dinner with THEM and will meet me after and told me that I should eat dinner with my circle.  I couldn't believe it! He said he wanted to go home one last train which is around 12. Its now 7-8ish by the time they finish it will be around 9-10ish and getting him to meet me somewhere is like pulling teeth and even with that our time is cut again.... I was so angry. I said FINE then I will go eat with my circle.

I went to yakiniku with ash, masumi and yumi. I was trying my best not to cry but when they asked me what was wrong I bursted out in tears. Ash was kind of mad so she took my phone and called her with her phone. He didn't pick up so she left him a angry message telling him that I was crying and that he should be more considerate of my feelings etc. (there were a lot of other things said but I don't remember)

Masumi and Yumi tried to calm me down too and said that ash isn't the only friend I have and that they are my friends too. They, if I would allow, are willing to listen to my problems and be there for me. I was really touched by this. I didn't really have this kind of support in Canada.... I had good friends here and there but they were always separate from each other. No one was in the same group like the way we are in Love Gals.....

After we finished eating and I dried my tears, we headed to the station. They were all planning to go to the first after party and I was thinking of going but I decided not to.... I know my body. I had not slept and I  am in a bad mood. If I drink I'll surely get super drunk. I found that if I drink while im unhappy, I will drink and drink and drink and instead of going red i'll go pale and not get drunk for awhile then it will hit and ill be at the perfect high then I'll end up balling and crying and be so  drunk that weird things happen like I black out or my vision goes funny or I throw up all night. Not a good idea so I decided to go home.

I left my group with a big smile then when doors closed I headed home. At around 109 I cried a bit again.... I made it home around 9ish and laid in bed when Ai phoned me back. He said sorry and said that he could meet me if I went to shinjuku. I told him ok and that I'd be there by 10:30. I fixed my makeup and headed out the door.

I arrived at shinjuku kabukicho east gate at 1030 like I said. I phoned to tell him I had arrived. He told me he was still in roppongi. I was a bit annoyed because I told him what time I'd arrive. He told me he is going to go to shinjuku from roppongi right now. I thought to myself ok, that should only take 20-30mins max... not bad... so I said ill wait for him. I sat at the stairs and waited... and waited... 45mins passed by..... I call him again and he said he was coming and that maybe I should go to the after party for a bit. I told him I cant go because its expensive and I dont want to drink. hr... 1hr30.... I called again and asked him where the fuck was he. It doesnt take 1hr30misn to get from roppongi to shinjuku. He told me he was in Shibuya.... This is where I flipped out.

SHIBUYA?!?!?! I just fucking came from Shibuya! WHAT THE FUCK ARE THINKING?!?! Why did you tell me to come all the way to  shinjuku making me wait all this time here at this stupid exit. You should know shinjuku by now!! the east gate is where a lot of nampa and scouts are. Its annoying and embarrassing waiting here being approached by creeps all day! He then has the nerve to yell at me back. The first part was something like I thought you went to to the after party why didn't you go???? I told him that I had already told him I can't go!! I'll surely get sick and I don't have money to do that. Then he told me that he is still with those people which made me even more angry. I said YOU ARE STILL WITH THEM?!?!?! Then he said its business and that I should start trying to figure out things for myself. You've got to make your dreams work too so what have you done so far? It seems like you have all this free time to wait around and play. I said what? YOU THINK I LIKE WAITING AROUND??! IM DOING THE BEST I CAN AND IT DOESNT HELP THAT a lot OF MY TIME IS TAKING UP BY WAITING FOR YOU! Then we started yelling at each other on the phone and then of course I panicked because its loud and fast...I told him I don't understand and started to cry... He then hangs up on me....

I called ashley wondering where she is but she didnt pick up her phone so I started to cry on the stairs . A chubby gyaruo approaches and asks if I was ok. I shook my head and he gave me a kneenex and asked what was wrong. When I lifted my head, he said WHOA its cute, I wasn't expecting that, but really whats wrong? I started to explain what happened and he was patiently listening. When I told him it was a gal circle event he gave a shocked look and said he used to be in a gyaru cricle and wanted to see the pamphlet. When I showed it to him was when ash called me back. She told me had already gone home as I told her im now stranded at shinjuku and I dont know what to do. I was supposed to meet with Ai but now he says he can't come since there are no trains left and if there are no trains left then how am I even supposed to go home ??what I am I  to do??? Ash calmed me down then told me huh? What? He said that? There's still trains! Its only 12 trains don't stop til about 12:50. I calmed down and realized shes right. I called Ai back and told him there were still trains and asked what should I do; go to shibuya to him/or home or should I stay in shinjuku. He told me to stay in shinjuku and he is coming for me.  I happily  told the gyaruo that my boyfriend is coming to get me. He said ahh thats great~! I'll keep you company til he arrives so you dont have to deal with those annoying people while you wait. I told him I appreciated that. We talked about circle life while I waited.

But time kept passing by..... it was already almost the last train so I waited in front of the gate for awhile.... it became about 1.... 1:15.. I started call and I was confused... were the trains delayed??? he should be here by now. AI told me he's on his way. He finally arrives at 1:30am.

The gyaruo walked me outside then parted ways. He was soo nice. He didnt even ask for my number or anything and was willing to help me even before he saw my face. I was lucky someone who was genuinely nice was around. (though to be honest a lot of sa-jin or ex-sa-jin are good people esp when it comes to taking care of other sa-jin)

I met with Ai.... with the other people there... I didn't want to embarrass him in front of these people so I said sorry and I didn't mean to yell at him (one of the first times in my life where I said sorry when I didn't mean it) he looked at me with concerned and sad eyes and said he was sorry too and he didn't mean to yell either. I then smiled and said but there's one thing... I REALLY NEED TO GO TO THE WASHROOM!!  T_T I've been waiting there for 3hrs! He laughed and excused himself from the group.

He took me by my hand and asked if I was hungry. I told him I was so he took me to a ramen shop and ordered ramen for me as I went to the washroom. I told him... you know... you asked me why do put so much effort into something you might think is useless.... the truth is.. in Canada I was unable to do a lot of things I wanted to do.  One of my dreams was to be in a gyaru-sa, and to be accepted and belong to a big tight group like I have in a gyarusa... Yea I know a bit a behind in terms of my age but some things you have to go though before you move on. I'm maturing quickly but I have a lot of catching up to do. I was always at least 3 years more mature for my age but I plateaued around age 14 at the mentality of age 18. I hadn't had a chance go mature beyond that because my environment didn't allow me to grow.

He started to understand my point of view a bit more now that things are calmly told in a ramen store. He then told me that hes sorry but ever since he could remember he has bad timing it seems (he has a bit of a waver in his voice as he says this as he was trying not to cry) and im sorry I have to make you wait all the time....

He later tells me to close my eyes and I do. He then kissed me and I blushed. He said we gotta go, I only told them we'd be only gone a couple mins (but its been more like 30mins) see. I do it to other people too~ (for once im the person who is delaying his schedule is what he was saying) I laughed.

We met up with the other group. They apologized to me because they had no idea Ai was supposed to be meeting me. A girl and another guy showed up and they were really fun to talk to. The girl said I LIKE CUTE THINGS and claimed me and the boy as hers. The leader was like that's his girlfriend you know~ And shes like OH??? really? But hes soo far =P Hey mister, you shouldn't let this cute girl out of sight or else someone will steal her away~~ hahaha

Ai then took everyone to the maid cafe we went to last time. Ai kept going back and forth from the rooms and I talked to some of the other people most of the time....

Eventually It was time to go because Ai had work so he sent me off with the other people who came in a car. They drove me home and I crashed after being awake for 36hrs

It was a awful day... absolutely dreadful. Even though we made up in the end I don't think our problems were really solved since even in the end he paid more attention to the other ppl than me. Im starting to feel like for a guy like him girlfriend always looses when it comes to work....

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Dinner with Ruki

A friend of mine from mixi had asked to hang out multiple times but because my time has always been caught up with gyaru-sa things and Ai, I didn't have time til today. Ruki and I have been conversing on Mixi for quite a long time but this was the first time meeting.

We met up at 109. It was very easy to spot him because his hair color was exactly like mine. We couldn't really figure out what to do so we took purikura and I think we sang some karaoke before going to an izakaya for dinner. We chatted about various things. Because he's also a high ranking host. When we got on the topic about my boyfriend I asked him what is his insight on it all. He said that he had not met him before so he can't give a accurate assessment but he thinks my boyfriend seems like a sincere person and that it is prob as I just suspected that he is just busy. He thinks that hes pretty sure he cares about me since if he didn't he wouldn't be the one paying for all those expensive dates and making time in his busy schedule for me. Ruki says that he too is often bogged down with a lot of work so he understands the time gaps very well though he thinks Ai should mail me more often. After dinner we parted.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Yumi and Linderman's Birthday In Odaiba

During danguru, a new group was formed called Lov'Laze which is a group that consisted with close friends from Love Gals and Blaze event circles. However because it seemed a bit exclusive and circle like. We were made to change the name of the group to something else so we called it Toyosu Family. (why? I have no clue but I guess because a few of them live near Toyosu station? Sounds kind of like a mafia group if you asked me haha) It is our lovely Yumi's birthday as well as our good friend Linderman so what better way to celebrate but to all meet up and go to odaiba together.

We were again late because the time kept changing even worse is that the time was set to be earlier than planned but while miki was on time for once,  Linda was an hour late =_=;;; Ash and I rushed over for nothing it seems. We would have been on time if it weren't for the fact that we took the wrong train which set us back by about 20mins on top of the 20mins we were already late for. Its been really upsetting me recently. Schedules keep catching me off guard and I hate it. Like Ai I like to make the most of my time but unlike Ai, I strategically plan everything out so that I can get the max amount of sleep while still being on time and getting everything I need to get done on time with some extra time allowances so that everything can run smoothly. I don't, however, have hours to spare to allow for the  drastic schedule changes that puts everything out of wack.  I really don't like my schedules tampered with....anyone who knows me well knows im very anal about this so with no plans going as planned is really driving me crazy.

When Linda finally arrived we all headed to Odaiba together. This was the first time I was able to talk to Linda more closely as others were on the other group of seats talking amongst themselves. I never noticed how low-tension he is and it was kinda of refreshing as a lot of sa-jin can be very hyper which is great but wearing at times.

When we arrived in Odaiba we went to the beach. I never knew Odaiba had a beach and a board walk...Now that I think about it, wayyy back when, when I was watching super Gals! This is must be the part of Odaiba that was illustrated. Every time I went to Odaiba before was to Venus fort and Joypolis at night so I never got to see this side of Odaiba before. I was kind of excited to see everything that I saw when I was a lot younger, only dreaming about being in Japan, right in front of my eyes as real now.

I was kind of uncomfortable with the beach at first because I am wear my heels and didn't want sand in them. No one told me we were going to a beach.... I would have brought different shoes but I guess it didn't matter to much as we were only there for about 15mins to make Yumi and Linder chug small bottles of champagne as we shouted birthday drinking calls at them. Ba-ba-ba-birthday, birthday, birthday, ba-ba-ba birthday~~~~

Later deciding what to eat, Tomoki told us that knows a great place that has a cheap all you can eat and if you are in Odaiba you must try it. We went there and stuffed ourselves on spaghetti and other things then went to the chocolate fountain and made good use of the all you can eat dessert as well. I remember this place~~~ it was the place that Ai wanted to take me when we went to Odaiba but it was closed. I was kinda reminiscing about that time when the others called me back to the table after I finished filling my dessert dish.

We ended our meal with a surprise birthday cake for yumi and linda and then put cake all over their faces and took photos.

After fixing up, we went to take purikura and then Tomoki said he had a GREAT idea. How about we all go... INTO A HAUNTED HOUSE! Yumi was really opposed to this. Tomoki said that we all must go~~~ its Yumi's sweet 16 and offered to pay. We didn't know this before but our tough little black gyaru is deathly afraid of haunted houses, horror movies or anything of the sort. We had to drag her with us and we all went in together.

Really the tour was fun but it wasnt all too scary other than the fact that there was one person that kept whispering tomoki's name even though we only wrote linda's. By the time we came out Yumi was soo scared she was crying to the point her eyelashes fell off. Balling like crazy we all tried our best to calm her down. The poor girl we didn't think she was THAT scared of it.

Next on the list was Joypolis. This is where Ash and I decided it was time to go home...  We just couldn't afford the night pass for Joypolis. I had almost forgotten how expensive it was since the last time I went Ai paid for it all so I didn't think of it. We all said goodbye and headed home.

What a sweet time we had~~~ Toyosu family is soo fun to hang with. The only down side to it all was that everything they do is expensive. Next they all want to go to Disney. I want to go.. but I doubt I can afford it. Besides for the first time I want it to be with Ai.

Friday, June 10, 2011

A Princess from Germany comes to visit!

Sui has been messaging Ash and I for awhile and told us she will be in Japan for a little bit with her boyfriend. Ash and I were running late by about 20mins ( I never used to be late but Ai has put me in a bit of a distressed condition where I almost don't want to be on time because I've grown from being tolerant of want go absolutely loathing it) so we mailed Diane about it. When we arrived in front of Ma*rs in Shinjuku we contacted her again but apparently since we were a bit late, they went to get their nails done so they will be there soon. Ash has these new shoes that she has been wearing all week in which are her first diamond platform heels (very had to walk in but I've gotten used to them since  I was 19) and she was started to whine and complain again. ( by this point she had been whining about it everyday of the week constantly needing to stop and rest etc etc) She threw a bit of a fit having to wait about 30+ mins for them and that her feet hurt, that she wants to die etc etc. I told her to stop complaining and if she wants to wear heels she should just suck up the pain. Its not like I like waiting either and its not like my feet don't hurt either. (I'm also wearing very uncomfortable shoes)

She told me that its only because we are standing for this long it hurts and that she hasnt complained for dayyys about it. I told her that no, that's not correct, you complained yesterday. She gave another excuse for that. Then I proceeded to remind her that she complained the day before and the day before and the day before. She said well then fine I just won't talk anymore, I'm useless, I should just die. I said over a pair of shoes? That's ridiculous. stop  being a drama queen. She went quiet and we waited patiently for diane and sui to arrive. This is our first “fight” it ended quickly.

When diane and sui arrived we had already apologized and said that agreed we were both on edge recently due to all the stress with the things going on recently. The thing is that not only was Ai being super late like normal, recently anything to do with dancegroove is told last minute. Schedules keep getting changed and we are often rushing around because they reset the time to be 2-3hrs earlier than what it was supposed to be or we are left to wait as no one shows up til 1hr later.

Along with Diane, Diane's husband, Sui, and Sui's boyfriend we had a special guest joining us for a photo who was Himena. Himena couldn't stay long but my gosh is she so much prettier in real life than in photos. I've always thought that Himena had the ugliest  huge nose but apparently it was just ageha's weird photoshopping that made her look that way.

We headed into Kabukicho to the game center to take some purikura then went to a nice italian restaurant to eat. Diane's english wasn't very good so when talking to ash she spoke in Japanese and though Diane's husband can speak english, he spoke to ash in Japanese as well to the point where Sui thought that Ash didn't speak english. Haha~

Sui's boyfriend was taking a lot of candid photos as we chatted about various things. Sui said she is really enjoying her stay in Japan and wish she could stay longer. I really like Sui and think she is a sweet girl so I really wish she could stay longer too~ I really like it when cute sweet western gals come to Japan.

Our time was cut short because Ash and I had to leave around 9 But we had a lot of fun~~ I wish Sui was staying longer because I would have liked to hang out with her more. But she says she plans to come back sometime next year in the spring so I'm looking forward to that.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Roppongi Hills with Ai

The original plan was to meet at Ueno station at 12pm but he told me that it would be another hour til he was free so I went back to sleep for a bit but overslept because my alarm didnt wake me up. So I told him I'd 30mins late. As I on the train heading towards Ueno, he told me that he was spotted by a trouble customer at Ueno so he told me to meet him at Roppongi instead. I turned back and told him it will take me about 30more minutes to get to Roppongi. I figured that since I think there's a direct line or rather easy way to get to roppongi from Ueno, that he should arrive around the same time as me. I felt kind of bad for the one time he was actually on time...

So I finally arrived at Roppongi at around 2:30 and waited there thinking he would be there soon because he was already heading to see me right? 30Mins go by... 1hr.... I started to get a bit annoyed and asked him where he was. He told me he was at Tokyo station. I was wondering why he was there that  isn't a normal route from Ueno to Roppongi... But anyways, I thought maybe he took a different train or something. Should only take another 30mins to get to roppongi... another 30misn goes by and hes not there.... I message him again he said hes close but not there yet... ok..... so FINALLY at 4:30 (2hrs!) he showed up. I was very confused as to how he took 2.5 hrs to get to roppongi from Ueno. He explained to me that he over estimated the time it would take for me to get to roppongi so he went to get his watch fixed at tokyo station which took a lot longer than he expected. I told him that I'd arrive at roppongi at 2;30 and like I said I arrived there at 2:30~! When I give a time estimate I'm usually only off by 1-3mins at most and told him he should know that by now. Again... I didn't want to spend the whole time yelling at him so I quickly calmed down and we walked around roppongi.

He asked me if I came to Roppongi often. I told him I rarely go because there are a lot of rude foreigners that say really gross things in english to me like nice tits, I want to cum in your pussy thinking I don't understand in Roppongi. He said ahhh I guess I wouldn't like roppongi at all if it were like that. I was wondering where we were going.

Eventually we arrived at Roppongi Hills. I had only ever saw these towers from the outside at night and was unaware they were such a tourist attraction in the inside. There wasn't much time left but he took me to the Roppongi Hills Planetarium. We went from tour to tour inside One in which we go to go into this room that was filled with lights on invisible strings that were accurately scaled and placed to make an accurate picture of the night sky and its constellations. Ai and I looked around us romantically holding hands. I had never seen such pretty things before  in Canada....

About 5mins later we were lead to the next room where we got to write our wishes on stars and pin them up on the wall. I wrote that I wish to be able to stay in Japan and for Ai, Ash, my mom and I to live lives full of love, prosperity and success in whatever our dreams may be. Ai wrote that he wishes everyone to have a happy life. Haha I guess I'm a bit more selfish, I only care about those I'm close with.

When we got to the gift shop we saw holgram projectors that project images of the night sky on to the walls and ceilings of whatever room you place it in. I asked Ai if he liked stars since this is not the first time he took me to somewhere that we could see the night sky. He said he quite likes it and that maybe some day he wants to buy one of these projectors to put in his room. He is such a romantic.~~

We wanted to go on to the skyline? (roof top) but the operating hours were already over so we exited the area into the high rise bar. We drank some very elaborate cocktails in by a view of the city as the sun sat. Ai told me that he is sorry that he is unable to make a lot of time for me and that It had always kind of been this way.  I told him that I understand that he is busy but it doesn't take very much time to at least mail me sometimes or on a more regular basis. He then said that he wasn't always the mailing type but soon he will have lots of time to mail me. I asked him what he meant by that. He told me he is going to quit hosting very soon because his body is in bad condition. when he does that he is going to go in for surgery. (skin surgery to reduce aging and maybe rhinoplasty because he hates his nose) During his recovery he won't be able to come out of his house so he will have lots of time to mail me. I kinda narrowed my eyes because yea that means he can mail me more but then that also means I can't see him at all for about 3weeks because his and his roomate's rule is that no girls are allowed in. I told him that it is a bad idea to do that in the summer. The sun is harsh, its prob the worst idea to make your skin more vulnerable to it. (which is true) He told me I was right but he doesn't have much time. The only time he has is the time gap he has between hosting and whatever he decides to do after. ( I believe he says he is going to try to open a bar ) The conversation was very long but the jist of it is that he is quitting hosting soon, he's planning on getting surgery done, he has to start saving up money to prepare for this, and we might not be able to see each-other for a couple weeks when this happens but he will have nothing but time to mail me.

After we finished our drinks we looked around in the shops on the ground level a little and we entered in a designer watch shop. He told me it was his hobby collecting unique watches. I kinda made a jab at him as all the watches he ever showed interest in were  around 2000-10000dollars that what is the use of an expensive watch when you can't even be on time. He laughed at my joke and said “tashikani” (means I guess you are right kind or of course kind  of thing) I asked him how is it that he manages to be that many hours late when he has a watch right on his hand yet I, using only my cellphone clock am nearly always on time. He told me that that he's always to do too many things at once and that he is always thinking about multiple things at the same time and trying his best not to waste a minute of his time by jam packing his schedule. However he often gets carried away and looses track of time.  (aka being overly ambitious and biting more than he can chew) I gently told him that isn't it a bit inconsiderate of other people's time? If its me, yea sure I get annoyed but that's just about it. But how is it that he expects to become a singer when he is always late. An agency isn't going to think lightly on tardiness.(because once when I co-incidentally met his real-estate agent, his real-estate agent told me that it's not just me he's late for, it seems that hes late for EVERYONE) If you are late for an important meeting or anything of the sort, it reflects badly on your character. It makes you look unprofessional and I don't want that for him. I believe he is really talented and I'd hate for him to miss any opportunity that he deserves just because of his tardiness.  I know his intentions are good but he is really in the end working against himself rather than pulling forward with this kind of way of thinking. Not only is it more stressful but its counter-productive. Instead what he should do is stick to a schedule if there is extra time pick something that you think you can do during that time but if it cannot be finished in the allotted extra time drop it and return back to schedule and finish the extra thing another day. Things that are preferable to pick are things that you can stop mid-job and resume back such as mailing back people that you needed to get back to,  browsing at shops for items you need to buy.. small things like that. Another thing that would help is to give a 5-10min buffer time in case things go over the time you estimate.  He told me I was right and that he will try his best to be on time for things.

The shops eventually closed and we sat outside for a bit. I asked him what were the time schedules on the trains so I can take the last train possible without being late. We chatted a little while holding hands and til the last minute possible before I left to go to the train station. While again, I hate parting with him I felt like maybe today we made at least some progress as to understanding each-other more.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

First time hanging out with Tina

Getting to know Tina a bit online we finally decided to all hang out. She had already looked around 109 by the time we met up with her so we all decided to go for a couple hours in karaoke. We took turns singing and I was pleasantly amazed that Tina sang quite well =). She has a very sweet voice and sang songs by Nakashima Mika etc. Ash sang random songs from different genres and I sang as usaul, vkei ballads.  We all had a lot of fun at karaoke.

When karaoke was over we went out and sat near the big scramble walk trying to figure out when Tina was contacted by 2 spanish gyaru. She asked if we would like to meet them and we said we would love to. We headed to McDs and met Emu and one other girl who are both married and one with children in Japan. We talked about various things over dinner and got along very well.

But as it was getting later people had some other plans they had to do so we all walked to shibuya station and split off. I was really happy to finally be able to meet with Tina. I thought because she was friends with someone that didn't like me that I may not get a chance to.