Saturday, May 28, 2011

Dance Groove Mini Event at Elf

This day was a complete disaster. No matter how hard we tried we couldn't get out of the house in time. A lot of stress has been building up during danguru. Everything related to the event is supposed to be told to us via our section (not our circle). The leader for our section Rina was completely incompetent. She doesn't properly go to all the meets and does not inform us about the dates, times and due dates for things in time. Instead second in command Tomonyan had to take care of it all by hunting down the information. The problem is that the structure of the gyaru event circles is very strict about the hierarchy of positions so that only the leader will be given the information to pass down to the people they are in charge of. Well this is not a problem par-say but when you have a lazy leader that doesn't properly do her work it is. (I almost believe that she got the position because she cried and she only wanted it because she wanted the big photoshoot that you get when you are the leader of a section.

For the mini event (which is like a little before party at a club for everyone working the event) we were supposed to meet before hand and then go together as a section but we did not receive any information about where to meet and when to meet at all. Instead we finally got the information from our kohai in our circle as to what to do when it was already a bit to late to be on time. We also were not completely sure as to where club elf is. As far as I could remember, it was on the other side of shibuya station in which I do not go very often to.

When we finally got out of the house after struggling to get our hair done, we headed out of the house when the rain was pouring soo hard it looked like the rain was coming down in sheets of water. It was close to summer and I did not have a proper pair of shoes that went with black clothes so I wore my old ma*rs shoes that didn't have a lot of support and my heel was sliding on and off my shoe because it was soo wet with no ankle straps. We kept walking and walking getting lost. We were walking down the stairs of the over pass and the stairs were soo slippery  I slipped and almost   fell but caught myself on the rail. I took another step but this time I couldn't catch myself  in time and though I grabbed on to the rail, I slid all the way down on it and fell down the stairs til I hit bottom. I started to cry pretty defeated sitting on the floor soaked to the bone. The thing was that I wasn't particularly in pain but even though I was trying to tolerate all the stress about this event and my boyfriend, I just couldn't take it anymore and cried. I got back up after a bit and limped around trying to find the club but eventually it just got to be too much so we took the taxi there.

When we finally got to the event things felt a lot better as we got to party with our friends even though it was only for a short while because we arrived so late.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Asakusa +Ai + Namjatown

Asakusa and Ai

Since we slept early, we were able to wake up relatively early to go to Asakusa to pick up some fans for our pin puri for the graphics section of Danguru. At first we were a bit lost but we eventually found our way. Asakusa brings me back many memories. I remember the last time I was there Ryuu and I had a bit of an argument when I was unsure if it was a good idea for him to go to Canada with me after the way he acted when he was super drunk on the day he put the deposit down for the plane ticket to Canada. I remember I kept silent til close to asakusa I started to sob when he asked me if I loved him and I said I do and he told me  then why are you crying for? “hora, kodomo” and held me close.

Anyways we walked down asakusa looking for fans and nearly every fan we saw and loved was super expensive til we hit a couple of cheaper stores and I found one that matches my yukata very well for only 800yen. After we bought our fans we passed by a cat character store. I wanted to buy a little thing for Ai so I got him a black cat cellphone charm in the shape of a cube.

I was waiting for Ais' mail for quite awhile and it finally came but relatively late. He said he saw an ad for this one restaurant that he wanted to go to in Akabane. He said that it looked very oshare and he thought me of me when he saw it. But when I arrived at Akabane we found out that it had closed early due to an aftershock so we got back on the train and headed to ikebukuro.

We were trying to figure out what to do. He took me through sunshine city and we went to a darts bar.
Ai and the bartender got along very well and he asked to bar tender to make me some special cocktails. It tasted very good. I started to talk to ai and kind of softly brought up that hes kinda gotta fix this late problem of his. Another topic I wanted to discuss was that I wanted to know if he liked me for me right now and not just what he thinks I have the potential to become. Of course I try very hard in life and I will do everything I can to make my dreams come true and that its great that he admires and respects my drive in life but I wanted to know... if I failed would he still love me? He put it like this. He said that it doesn't matter if I succeed or not but the fact that I try so hard and have such a drive in life is what he loves about me. Also, he thinks I'm cute and sweet. I felt a bit more relaxed after that.

Shortly after the billiard table was open and so we went to play. He asked me if I played before. I told him I might have once or twice but not really. So he re-taught me the basic rules. Again like every time he challenges me to a game that I've never played before I win by beginners luck and then he beats me in the next round. We played at the darts bar for a long time then we went to a maga-cafe and chilled out there til morning.

Ikebukuro- Namjatown with Ai May 25th

We were supposed to meet on the 21st not too long after Ai was supposed to come back from his trip to his hometown in Akita but he canceled because he had to stay longer than he was planning.... I was not mad about that because things can't be helped sometimes but he could have at least told me in advance! Instead of telling me at 3am on the day we were supposed to meet. Anyways he felt really bad about it so he said he wanted to take me to an amusement park. He told me to meet at Suidobashi. I arrived in a timely matter as always and he was late AGAIN. But this time not as bad as normal as he was only 45mins late as opposed to 2-3hrs....

I was rather upset while being happy that I finally got some time with him.  He sensed my frustration and said sorry. I told him I wasn't all that upset as much as that it'd be nice if he could tell me more in advance when things come up. But I was happy that this time that he properly told me when he was going to be late rather than me standing there not knowing when he is going to show up. I kept it brief because I wanted to enjoy the time we spend together rather than nagging him about tedious things. The thing I hate is that I feel awful nagging him but he really doesn't really have any concept of time.

Anyways I asked him how was his trip and he told me it was awful. He didn't go there to play. He went there because there was some issues with his family amongst other things. Something about a relative's death and some old problems involving some friends of his in his home town. He said he really wanted to come back to tokyo faster but things were not able to be resolved in the time he had originally allotted for it. Then he paused and said OH YEA I bought you a souvenir. He took out a package and watched with anticipation to my reaction when I opened it. It was a onyx bead bracelet. He told me to put it on and asked if I knew the meaning of this stone. (I didn't) He explained to me that its a power stone. It is supposed to help you achieve your dreams and help you with success in achieving your goals. I thought it was really sweet of him and put it on. In canada this kind of bracelet goes for around 10-20 dollars but later I found out because of the way it was cut and everything it goes for anywhere between 5000~10000yen. 0_0;;;

We arrived at suidobashi to find out it had been closed since feb due to an accident and then later because of the earthquake. We ate pancakes at moomin? Cafe. The place was full of them sitting in chairs with you. The pancakes we ordered where the most ornate pancakes I've ever seen haha.

Since the place was closed we had to figure out where to next. We didnt have much time because I had work after. (if he had told me more in advance I could have taken the day off for him ) He told me well.... there's another amusement park but its about a hr or so away... or there's namjatown which is in ikebukuro. Because of the time restraint I decided that namjatown would be the better idea.

When we arrived the first place we went to was the haunted house in namjatown. You took a head around with you and you would take a photo and each time the photo would get more and more distorted. The last photo you get kind of used to it when the chair drops and theres a blast of air that blows on your face and thats when the real photo gets taken. Ai predicted it and he was smiling holding down his hair while I buried my face into his shoulder.

We then took a break on the bench where he looked up the site I wanted to buy my phone on. There was some sort of problem getting it and I thought maybe he can help me but there was some problem with the sign up so he said he would get it for me when he got home. For some reason I …. unfortunately can't seem to trust that he would pull through for me so as a back up plan if the phone was still there on the site I would figure that he didn't get it and ask ash to get it for me instead. Its not a great feeling to feel that you cant rely on your boyfriend for anything important.... Anyway I decided to put that feeling behind and enjoy the rest of the little time we had left before I had to go. We walked around at looked at various sites. When we arrived at the game center he caught me a hello kitty plushie from the ufo catcher. Just a little after we went to the food court and we tried some different kinds of gyoza. The most bizarre one was a chocolate banana gyoza with candy sprinkles. Funny, it tasted pretty good. Haha.

But time was starting to run out so he walked me to the station. I said goodbye I always hate this part of the date. I shouldn't be feeling this way but I feel like every time we part, I won't see him again for awhile.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Dance Groove BBQ 2011

Before going to the BBQ Ash and I took some purikura at Meccha when a bunch of other people who were planning on going showed up. Mikado Youth Shun Shun and Yuuki greeted us and introduced us to 2 people who are trying out for Mikado.  One was named Go who was a super tanned gyaruo (secretly at age 27) and ….. Murasaki (I forgot his name but we nicknamed him murasaki because he wore a super gaudy purple shirt) who is a 19year-old host. Shun Shun and Yuki thought it would be a good idea to take purikura so we all headed inside to Mecca again. Murasaki and Go joined too. It was very hard getting everyone in frame especially since Murasaki kept going up really close to the camera.  A little later Mii and Akiho came and we took a couple shots with them and stood back when they took their pin-puri (solo purikura) for their section. We then all headed towards the station and went to the bbq together.

On our way to the BBQ Murasaki was hitting on nearly every girl in sight. Everyone thought of him as a bother. Shun Shun, who is like my little brother, and I both hid under my umbrella paranoid of getting tanned while Go and Ash were basking in the sun. The BBQ area was a place near the river under a bridge where many many people come together, put up tarps and have a BBQ together. It was set up a lot like a camp site where people had to pay an entrance fee before being allowed in. Yuuki didn't have any money after paying for the trip so Masa paid for him.

The BBQ started but it was not long before the alcohol came out.... I thought to myself REALLY?!!! In the middle of the afternoon?! I thought we were going to nagomu after the BBQ at yoyogi koen.... And we were but some idiot brought the alcohol to the BBQ site and the drinking began.

I didn't sleep and I was deathly hungry so I avoided the drinking areas quite a bit. Its the middle of the afternoon, its hot and I was really not in a mood to drink. I did eventually drink a lot after I finished filling my stomach. At some point I was sitting with Nikoru and he told me his real last name is Shibuya Hajime. I didnt believe him at first but he showed me his ID and it was actually true. It was spelt with different kanji but if you were to read it out as is, it sounds like  “the beginning of shibuya”

Shun Shun despite being weak purposely lost and drank til he was wasted while some others also got drunk as well throwing others into the river. By the end a lot of people in the planning section were all crying about something other people didn't know about. Everyone helped clean up and those who weren't wasted helped those who were to the station. Tetsu, was soo bad that ash had to stay behind to help him out. I went to the station with everyone else.

Some idiot of ours thought it was a good idea to set off fireworks inside the station. When the train police came we all dispersed and hid and they couldn't catch us. I went into the washroom and was talking to Chimu. We all kind of agreed it was stupid of them to think that was a good idea. After about 5mins we all headed up to the platform but that was not the end of the idiocy. I think there was some sort of dispute and two of the boys were arguing. I don't remember what it was about but it ended with Kai on the train tracks. The train police came and arrested Kai and the other guy while chimu followed. I still was holding Kai's bag so I was stuck wondering what to do.... The others told me that I should go with them to Shibuya and wait for him there.

On the train I met another girl who was appearently half philipino. She still only had black hair and minimal make-up. She told me that she wants to get better at being gal but her school wont let her dye her hair... We had a good conversation the whole way back to shibuya.

Everyone met up at Mecca again and were trying to organize as to what to do next. Most people where not in the mood for nagoming because a lot of people already drank too much at the bbq.  In front of mecca, I saw nikoru again and I told him about what happened to kai and I was unsure what to do with his stuff. Nikoru said he would take care of it so I gave it to him. Not long after Tetsu and others showed up but I was wondering where ash went. Tetsu told me she was really tired and that she headed home directly. I waited til everyone decided as to what to do later but I too, was tired so I decided to go home as well. Tetsu and Kuukii walked me home.

When I got home I passed out and fell asleep.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Dance Groove Vacation In Chiba

All large Gyaru Events such as Dance Groove, Love and Sunshine, Campus Summit, D-1 etc go on a short overnight trip with all the circles involved. Because its a large group, and gyaru are very thrifty, we always find a good deal. For Dance Groove 2011, we went to a beach house called Casablanca in the countryside of Chiba by the ocean.

We were told to bring comfortable clothing and when we arrive in shinjuku station, to check in with our section's leader. Everyone is told to arrive at 10am in shinjuku. By the time everyone arrived it was around 11am. Many people came in sweats, crocs and no makeup. I think only people in Love Gals and a couple others came looking like their normal selves. One girl from HRK youth, a hime gal came in full makeup and hair made me wish I did my hair but since I was told to go casual so I came in sneakers, a hat, tank-top and shorts. Yumi, Masumi and Miki went to shinjuku a lot earlier to get hair-make done. LoL gotta love my girls~

It was a long train ride to Chiba. It took more than 2hrs to get to the place where we were going. When we arrived I saw a part of Japan I have never seen before. We were definitely in the countryside with only houses, 1-3story buildings and rice fields. It was kinda like the local chillawak?

We arrived at the beach-house sometime during the early-mid afternoon. We were given a briefing outside the house about the resort's rules and then our leaders were given the room keys. The rooms were separated by circles. We all rested for a bit and then some of us took a short walk to the beach. The air was really cold and cloudy. We didnt really do much but take some photos and ran around the beach a little. Ryouchimu and Linda were crazy and ran out into the ocean while people took photos and filmed. I also filmed but to my surprise when they came back ryouchimu pulled down his pants in front of everyone and I freaked out. 0_ollllllllllll We headed back not too long after.

When we came back everyone was told to meet in the dining hall where there were giant group photos taken then speeches and parapara dancing while drinking calls were shouted and people were made to chug large amounts of alcohol. About 2 hours later we all were moved outside where we all split up into groups around bbq grills and started to have a big feast. Everyone ate til they were stuffed then there was a short break while everyone helped clean up.

The original plan was to all go to the beach with alcohol and start the drinking games but it started to rain so we went into the main room of the beach-house and laid out tarps on top of the tatami mats and began the drinking. To start us off as usual, the leaders start chugging while everyone cheers then when they finish they tell us all to begin.

The night went long and to make everyone drink even more, people not only have to drink when they loose the game, the person to their right has to drink too. Just when I finally gotten used to the games and got pretty good at them I got sat next to a new girl who kept messing up so I had to drink a lot even though I barely lost the games. But I wasn't alone because Takuya (or Orataku as we call him because hes in an ora ora-kei magazine called Soul Japan) was
sat next to our miki who barely goes to nagomis so she too didn't know how to play the games. It got to the point where he tried run away to another drinking ring but everyone just pulled him back in.

ryochimu men's egg youth model showing off
I was full of food so I lasted a while but having to drink so much because of the girl next to me I eventually threw up and went upstairs to our room. Technically we are allowed to leave the nagomi at anytime but if we leave we cannot just sit and watch. Also, unlike in western culture where its considered responsible and admirable to know your limit in drinking, in Japanese culture it is admirable to drink to the very end and not to refuse any drinks.
I passed out for a an hour or so then woke up completely sober and fine. I had already removed my makeup but I figured since everyone is probably drunk and won't remember the next day all too well, I went back downstairs to pick up my jacket and to see how everyone is doing. People were still nagom-ing and some continued to play holding a plastic bag under their chin so they can throw up and then drink some more. For those who were sober enough to see people were surprised to see me back so fast. However I didn't continue drinking because I threw up all my food and knowing me, my tolerance becomes almost non-existent when I'm hungry.

I ran into Kai when I went back downstairs. He was completely wasted. When he managed to steady his head well enough to see properly he noticed I didn't have any makeup on and told me he was surprised that my face didn't change all too much then floped back on the floor looking like an inch-worm crawling on the floor looking for his jacket and shoes. Since he took care of me during the first big nagomi I helped him up and looked for his things with him and helped him back up to his room.

Not long after most people where lead back to their rooms. Some of to boys snuck out and came to our room where we chatted over snacks. The ones who came over was Kai, Sasa-pon, and Tomo. Kai noticed that miki was making some soft moaning noises when she was sleeping so he softly started to ask perverted questions and she half responded it was kinda funny. He said to us shes definitely dreaming of sex. When the super-visors came sasapon hid while the rest of of them left. He passed out on the floor while the rest of us eventually fell asleep for maybe about 2hrs.

In the morning we all woke up and put on our makeup. Orataku and Tomo came to visit while sasapon was there all night.  Orataku came in disappointed that he missed seeing Ashley's non makeup face. He told her to take it off so he can see. She told him that shes almost done so no and that it was too bad he wasn't 10mins earlier. Masa also came in not long after and slept in miki's bed a little longer with his legs sprawled out to the wall.

After everyone got ready we headed downstairs to the dinning hall for breakfast and then headed to the beach. Unlike the day before, it was sunny. I quickly tried to put on all my sunscreen but people were rushing me so I missed my back and the top of my shoulders...

Masa said Hey everyone! Lets all take a video running into the ocean. While hes setting up who will film and talking everyone passed down  the message that we will not run when he says to. So 1....2...3... and Masa runs alone while everyone laughed. He laughed too and said ok, ok, for real this time~! 1...2...3.... GO! Again just him. He laughed again and said hahah ok, ok, very funny but im getting tierd so everyone do it this time with me please. This time we all actually ran.

A little later the dodge-ball tournament began. We were teamed up via our section..... The number one problem in that is that the graphics section was made up of only 7 people so randomly other people from different groups came to help us out. We lost most of all matches. I'm not too surprised though. None of our section looked like people who are very active haha. I believe the stage people or promotions won.

We came back after spending many hours on the beach and packed our things. We left Chiba around 4ish to go home. However, at this station the train only leaves every hour and we were running late. For the last 5mins we all had to run to the platform. Some of us didn't make it. I believe it was Masumi Miki and a couple others.

When I got home I passed out exhausted. That was super fun~~~