Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Anime Evolution and Lolita Press Coverage repost

Monday: 24hrs and Cho Sun
With only 2.5 more weeks left, things have gotten quite busy. I started my “AE Rush” like every year about 1 week prior to AE, finishing up the new art sets to sell. This year I was working on Hetalia set and Katekyo Hitman Reborn group single. Suddenly on Sunday night at about 3am, Emerald messaged me to join her for an interview with 24 Vancouver newspaper. She told me that the original people droped last minute and the only replacement was insufficient as a Lolita. So I decided hey why not, one day wont kill right?
When I got there apparently the press came an hour early and the photographer already left by the time I got there. We were interviewed via camera and such. Afterward Em and I hanged out showing eachother some kpop. Her showing me the new and me showing her the old as we waited for the cho sun Korean newspaper to come as well as the person who set up the press, Charles.
Around 4pm Charles and the Korean press came. We did a shoot and interview and then the lady was nice enough to drive Charles and I to the skytrain. Charles then invited me to join the interview with the Sing Tao newspaper for the day after.
van cho sun:

Tuesday: Sing Tao
I find out 5am in the morning as I rushing to get my hetalia set done that emerald is sick and cannot make it and to look for a replacement. Luckily I was able to get a hold of Viki to join us. The reporter for Sing Tao was quite pleasant. He took some shots of us in waterfront station and in front of the gas clock in gastown. He seemd to be having quite a lot of fun watching tourist snap photos of us as well.
After the interview, we showed Charles some alternative clothing stores and ate at this cute little restaurant that’s one of viki’s favorites.

Sing Tao:

Wednesday: Courier
Today was the day I originally was going to have my extensions fused. So I woke up early and made my way to vikis house, got them fused and quickly hime-ed up my hair. I rushed to waterfront station to get there JUST in time to slip into the shoot. They didn’t ask any questions from us just did a shoot…
I haven’t really gotten a chance to hang with anne, and I was really in a mood to go straight home like I was supposed to after I put that much effort into my hair so I joined em , eric and anne to a Korean restaurant for dinner.
Anne and em are so fun. Their sarcasm makes me feel at ease.

Thursday Rush
The last day before con……………. I was supposed to have everything done by wed night and order the prints to be printed online however, I was still running quite late and didn’t finish everything til about 5pm. I made my way to the bank to get change for my float, save on foods for some denture glue for fangs (that I didn’t end up using after all ) and then Costco and went for the 1hr service. I was supposed to go to ubc to pick up my pass but that seemed pretty much impossible with the time limit I had.
I relaxed, organized my prints and cut the sheets of the smaller ones. This was supp
osed to be my first day to sleep proper hours (as opposed to the 2-4hrs ive been getting each day all week) but that didn’t happen. = = ;;

Friday First day of the con and Lolita Fashion show
My mom helped me chase the bus that was heading to UBC and I opend up shop for the first day of AE. Sales were pretty good and I was happy with the location. I sold out of Aoi and Kouki on the very first day. However by the end of the day I was one big ball of stress as I was fretting how to restock, an
d stressing over the fact that the artist villa closing time in right in the middle of the Lolita fashion show. The show was had a few complications due to people arriving late, some mix up communication and so on. You know.. the usual XD jkjk. But all in all the fashion show was quite a success ^^
I wish I stayed for the photoshoot after but I was too tierd and just hanged out wit
h bevan, Sylvia and Link.
Saturday Alarm Hazard
I was so drop dead tierd that I passed out the night before without setting my alarm. My mom set it at 630am but I was supposed to wake up at 5am. I got ready as usual but had difficulties tying my own obi… I rushed on my way to AE and tried to get some prints from London Drugs before I got there but it deemed to be too expensive…and took too much time. I arrived at the artist villa by around 11pm.
Bussiness was a bit slower than the day before but I got a bunch of commissions that kept me busy throughout the day.
After artist villa I walked around for a bit and ran into some old friends. Anne, Mei, Melissa, and Kero Wiz, did a mini photoshoot with Ken and I was off on my way home hoping to sleep a little more.
This time I was determined to set my alarm…
Sunday Emergency
I awoke this fine morning feeling well rested…. WHAT well rested?! Yea that’s right. I set my alarm, it didn’t go off, and I was stressing like shit. 930am was the time I woke up, and 5am was the time I was supposed to wake up…..
I didn’t have time to do my hair so I just threw on a kogyaru uniform, called people and my dad came through for me to give me a ride to UBC. I quickly straightend my hair and shaped it. Luckily it was already puffy from the day before.
I arrived at UBC around 11am however my thins were in storage and I had to wait for someone to come with the key. I made it down and opend up shop by 1130.
Sunday was a pretty big profit day as well. After all of it, Charles called me ot see if I wanted to eat dinner with him. I thought it was a group dinner but it wasn’t and I decided to eat dinner with my mom instead.